There’s nothing wrong if you feel unhappy and unsatisfied with your life. Humans are emotional and we are gifted to feel and experience all these kinds of emotions, however, we shouldn’t dwell and dive into so much negativity and sadness. It is normal to feel unhappy. It is normal to feel depressed. It is normal to feel unloved. It is normal to have regrets. It is normal to have doubts and fears. It is normal to have sad impressions, but, it’s not worth your time crying and drowning yourself in loneliness. … More HOW TO BE A HAPPIER YOU?

Just Today

Nothing could be more surprising than freeing oneself to self-doubt and fears that lived a couple of years in your heart and mind. By freeing yourself from self-pity and misconception about who you really are. Freeing yourself by fitting to things and people that are unnecessary and creating clutter disaster that resulted in self-harm and … More Just Today

2017, I’m Ready!

Thank you 2016 for all the good and bad memories we’ve shared. I’ve learned so many lessons and I’ve been blessed with plenty of opportunities.  It’s time to say goodbye, and it’s time to welcome the great and prosperous 2017 for me. I’m ready to start a new and fresh life 2017. I’m ready to … More 2017, I’m Ready!


You’re the kind of woman who loves so deeply. The kind of woman who will give every inch of herself just to make him happy. You’re the kind of woman whose being adored by others. The kind of woman who shows compassion and sympathy… You’re the kind of woman that every man wants to love. … More Woman

Letting go…

“It is always important to know when something has reached its end. Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing chapters, it doesn’t matter what we call it; what matters is to leave in the past those moments in life that are over.” Paulo Coelho There are memories in life that you hold on for a long time. … More Letting go…

Happy Rabbit Travels on Instagram! Comment your username and will follow. 

Hi everyone! Happy Rabbit Travels is now live on Instagram. In line with this, I’m inviting you all to follow my journey and adventure. All the wonderful and beautiful places I’ve been will be featured in my account. Leave your username on my Instagram post. Follow me, comment here including your blog sites. I will follow anyone … More Happy Rabbit Travels on Instagram! Comment your username and will follow. 

It’s my birthday!

I’m not getting old…I’m getting better. These are the lines that I keep repeating to myself. Today adds another year for me to celebrate life. Another year to celebrate with friends and dear loved ones. Another year where I can dream and pray for a better relationship, better health and better tomorrow. I know people … More It’s my birthday!

Real Neat Blog Award: Nominated by Dear Kitty. Some blog

I was grateful to be nominated by Dear Kitty for the “Real Neat Blog Award”. I was actually surprised to get this award as I’m just new to blogging (3 months). I’m happy to meet great people here and glad that people appreciate what I write.  So thanks to Dear Kitty 🙂 The ‘rules’ of the Real Neat Blog Award … More Real Neat Blog Award: Nominated by Dear Kitty. Some blog


Love yourself when no one loves you Love yourself when you’re sad and blue Love yourself in times of trouble. Love yourself in times of sorrow. Love yourself when you can’t stop crying Love yourself when your soul is dying Love yourself even if he is lying Love yourself there’s no harm in trying. Love … More LOVE YOURSELF


Being undecided to a lot of things in life is such a big hassle. It’s hard cause you know there’s so much in your head that wanted to scream.. what it’s telling is the opposite of the plan you set for yourself… it’s telling a different story… different from what your heart tells you.. different … More Uncertain

Why do I blog?

Recently I started blogging… and this is a new thing to me and a new world that I want to discover. I started blogging last February and I’m so happy that finally, I’ve done it. Why do I blog and what makes me love it? I blog because I want it. I usually read blogs … More Why do I blog?


I wonder if you’re the kind of person who would listen to me. When I speak my heart and when I whisper to your ear Do you know how to listen? Or you’re just pretending Do you really care about me? Or you’re just caring cause you need me? My heart aches when you keep … More How?


I wish to go somewhere beautiful A place where reconnecting with nature would be cool I wish to swim in deep blue sea Where corals and cute little fishes are free. I wish to go somewhere in the forest Where I can get lost and get rest A place to find peace within my soul … More I WISH…

Missing you…

I hate the days when I’m not working. My mind is sometimes filled with thoughts about a lot of things. I think about you all the time. I think about the first time that I saw you, the time when I’m still not into you, the time when all I think about is myself. I … More Missing you…

January Love

You came towards me and you said “Hi” You hugged me tight and I was caught by surprise At first, I felt awkward and intimidated by you Your words, gestures, made me clueless and blue. But you made me feel home with your angelic smile Never would I realized, I’ll get lost in your eyes … More January Love

Hot-air Balloon

  Take me to the place where my love is Where we can sing songs that last for years; Where we can nurture our love that will never die A place of truth, where he cannot lie. Take me to the sea where he loves to swim Where excitement, joy , love he will  only … More Hot-air Balloon

Beach Lover

I’m the kind of girl who wants to spend time on the beach. Chillin’ out and listening to the waves. It relaxes me and simply calms my spirit. I’d rather walk barefoot and feel the sand than wear my fashion-forward slippers. I love feelin’ the sea breeze… I love to sit back and enjoy the … More Beach Lover