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The Greenery

A few months ago, I shared some tips on our #swiss weekend getaway. Our wonderful experience from Crosswinds Swiss Resort made us want to come back sooner. But since our #squad are looking for other beautiful places that we can share with you guys, we decided to visit a place that gives a #Hollandfeels experience.


For less than two hours of travel time from Manila, you can enjoy the breathtaking and famous prenup destination for wedding couples in Baliwag. The place is called “The Greenery” and well known for its picturesque and gorgeous landscape.

We ride a Baliwag bus that took us one and half hour due to traffic. It’s best to travel early in the morning and on weekends to avoid the traffic jam of Metro Manila.  Since we arrived a bit late, we end up eating in Greenwich. There are plenty of restaurants, however, our hungry stomach can’t let us wait for another minute.

From the city, we ride a tricycle and paid Php 50.00, and the driver took us to our hotel. The guard at the gate will ask for your reservation and it would be better to inform ahead of time for the time of your arrival.

This what the place looks like when we arrived.

You can easily see the mini train and feel the solemn and quite ambiance of the place.

My BFF Tin is actually checking out this place for her prenup this year and we are very happy to see how gorgeous the place is. It’s a great spot for weddings, parties, and conference business activities. It has event halls for seminar and area for the wedding reception. It’s quite big and can accommodate a large number of guests. The Greenery has Pavilion, Open Garden and Lighthouse which are truly eye catching and Instagram perfect.

They also have the following features:

  • Infinity Pool/ Swimming pool
  • Massage
  • Kayak
  • Water sports/other activities (for team buildings)
  • Rooms/villas
  • Christmas Village
  • Mini Train
  • Jetski

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I notice that they have less staff, and it’s great that only a few people are checked in at that time. We like to enjoy this beautiful, serene and peaceful place. Very quiet and private spot that suits the people who hate the noise and crowded city.

This is our room 🙂
We roam around the area after we arrange our luggage.  We noticed that there are people in the pool area who are on team buildings. They have this bridge, lighthouse, and cottages that you’ll fall in love with. The Christmas village reminded us of the displays in Crosswinds, although the Greenery have a different style and they used different colors. You can spot the uniqueness of this place once you see the lighthouse and the infinity pool.
This bridge is great for pictorial which we love 🙂

Since it’s Ben’s birthday, we celebrate it during dinner and let him blow the cake we bought for him.

Ben’s ready to blow the cake he accidentally ruined :p

Because snacks are only allowed to bring in this place, we expected great food for visitors. However, it’s not what we experienced. I don’t know maybe we’re caught up with high expectations or we ordered the wrong food, but honestly, there’s a need for them to improve their food and their menu. We’re a bit disappointed but didn’t allow that feeling to ruin Ben’s celebration. We don’t have much to say as the staffs are all friendly and helpful to us. After all, it’s important that our squad is finally complete this time and we’re able to celebrate our Bff’s birthday.

Tips: you can look for restaurants near the area and instruct the staff to get you a tricycle in case you don’t bring a car.

Early in the morning, we had our buffet breakfast. They served coffee, dried fish, longganisa, fried eggplant, eggs and rice. A typical Filipino food and we’re happy with it. Their breakfast is way better than the food we ordered during dinner.

After breakfast, we went for a swim and took some photos.

Gorgeous infinity pool 🙂
Infinity pool 🙂
infinity pool
infinity pool 🙂
the other swimming pool near the hall area

Overall, this place is gorgeous, solemn, and not so crowded. You may experience the calmness and quietness of this place which is great if you’re looking for a place outside the busy city of Manila. Accessible and affordable for people who wants fabulous and quiet weekend getaway with friends and family. I will be happy to recommend this place and will definitely come back.


#photoshoot with BFF 🙂

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How to get there?

Book a bus from Baliwag Transit Inc, located in Pasay or Cubao Terminal, then, instruct the bus driver to drop you off the center (sentro) of Baliwag. Ride a tricycle and instruct the driver to take you to the Greenery.

For accommodation, you can check below details taken from their site below:

Single Villa P4,400/night Max of 2 persons
Single Villa P6,080/night Max of 4 persons without extra beds
Extra Bed P1,000
Room Type:

Two-double twin bed
One – king size bedOvernight stayBreakfast includedUse of swimming pool facilitiesAttire: proper swimming attire onlyChildren under 12 years old stay for free if using existing bedding.Children aged 12 years old over must use an extra bed. An extra bed is available for this room.Check-in: 2:00pm
Check-out 12nnBringing of outside food is strictly prohibitedFood available at our clubhouse cafe

Grand Villa P23,000/night Max of 10 persons
Extra Bed P1,000
Room Type:

5 rooms, with receiving areaRoom 1: one twin bed, sleeps 2
Room 2: one twin bed, sleeps 2
Room 3: one twin bed, sleeps 2
Room 4: one twin bed, sleeps 2
Room 5: two single beds, sleeps 2Overnight stayBreakfast IncludedUse of swimming pool facilitiesAttire: Proper swimming attire onlyChildren under 12 stay for free if using existing bedding.Children aged 12 or over must use an extra bed. An extra bed is available for this room.Check-in: 2:00pm
Check-out 12nnBringing of outside food is strictly prohibitedFood available at our clubhouse cafe *All prices are inclusive of 5% service charge*Prices are subject to change without prior notice


Recently, I had another staycation with my best of friends. It’s already becoming a habit of our circle to have staycation every quarter. Though we had several choices of hotels, we all agreed to go to Crosswinds Resort Suites this time. We get a one bedroom suite and book the deal from the Deal Grocer.

So, what’s in it that made us picked it?
(All the information are taken from their website: Crosswinds Tagaytay)


Crosswinds is a haven south of Manila inspired by the architecture of Switzerland. Rows of picturesque chalets sit serenely on a lush terrain at one of the highest points of Tagaytay.Over 20,000 pine trees perfume the property with its sweet scent, further adding to the calm while the music of interweaving winds soothe the senses. (source:

Nearby attractions:

– Tagaytay Highlands
– Picnic Grove
– Nature Discovery Park
– People’s Park in the Sky


  • Free Wi-Fi (all rooms and public areas)
  • Swimming pool (outdoor)
  • Playground
  • Shuttle service
  • Front desk (24 hours)
  • Deposit boxes


  •  English
  •  Filipino
At the gate of Crosswinds

We are all happy the moment we saw our room. It exceeded our expectations and surprised us with its beautiful and peaceful scenery outside our window. The spacious, clean, and elegant room received praises from us and we’re glad we made the right choice.

The staffs are indeed helpful and they assist us with our luggage and all the kitchen appliances. They’re friendly and  they ensure that we get all the things we needed in the room before they leave.

Other than the mentioned features of this hotel, we also enjoy the Christmas village where we took several photos. Christmas village is the highlight during the Ber-months season. It starts on September and ends after the new year. So, people must take advantage and feel the holiday vibe of this cozy and luxurious place.

Christmas Village





Crosswinds has also fully equipped kitchen, and we decided to cook for our dinner and breakfast. I enjoyed cooking because I have complete kitchen appliances to use. I encourage everyone, especially those who’d like to save money to take advantage of the kitchen. I felt great for utilizing all the tools and kitchen appliances. There are nearby restaurants, however, if you don’t bring a car, better bring some foods and do your complete grocery lists to ensure you have enough food during your stay. 


Bon Appetit 


We had an advance pictorial for Tin and Darren, c/o our photographer and fashion blogger Ben of GeekyBf.

Darren and Tin 🙂

That Switzerland ambiance will make you want to extend another day to this place. The pine trees, the colorful houses, and buildings added more charm to this place.

Switzerland feels 🙂
winning jump shot 🙂


Make sure you bring nice clothes for pictorial and extra batteries for your phone and camera. Picture taking is part of the bonding that you and your friends do that make the vacation more fun and fabulous.
Also, I suggest bringing a laptop and movies that you and your friends can watch. Better coordinate with the staff of the hotel with regards to the appropriate connector to use. What we brought didn’t work, so, I suggest that you asked ahead of time so you can enjoy the movies. Movie marathon is also a great bonding for the whole family.


Make sure you bring your swimming clothes so you can go for a swim in their outdoor swimming pool. Also, for coffee lovers like me, there’s a nearby Coffee Bean Tea Leaf where you can take pleasure of your favorite beverages.

We really had an amazing vacation in this place, and I’m planning to take my siblings with me for them to see how cool the place is.

I know we are all thrifty and we always try to find the best places in the Philippines that we can visit, but nowadays, it is easy and accessible to find affordable places, hotels, restaurant, and services.

There’s a lot of promos and discounts that we can avail. In our case, we always book our hotels in Deal Grocer. We are a happy and grateful for Deal Grocer for making it easy for us to find these places and experience luxurious hotels for weekend getaways.


 How to go to Crosswinds?

Take a van or bus going to Tagaytay. Instruct the driver to drop you at Olivares, Tagaytay City. From Olivares, rent a tricycle and they will take you to the gate of Crosswinds, and you only need to pay around P150.00-P200.00 for the fare. Approach the staff or the guard because the resort will provide a private car or coaster to transfer you to the resort’s main front desk.


“Sometimes the best vacation is staycation”


It’s true that when we grow older and get a stable job, we have less time meeting our best of friends. They also have their jobs and priorities; what’s used to be a daily meet up becomes weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. Every person has their pals, best friends and college buddies who are like their own siblings.


My college buddies (BEN, TIN, JEN) and I planned a staycation at least 3 months ahead due to our different schedules and priorities. I work on a night shift and they work on a day shift. We decided to do it on a Sunday since I need to have some sleep, and they’re very understanding. That’s what my college buddies/ Bff do for a friend.

So, we meet at 9:30 in the morning, my friend and I grab a taxi from Makati going to BGC where F1 Hotel is located. What’s great about F1 Hotel is that people can get a voucher for day swimming and another separate voucher for food. It’s a great experience to stay overnight yet the price will be more expensive compared to a day stay.

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There are couches, beds, and chairs everywhere that make us feel at home. Very clean, cozy and I love the simple yet elegant style everywhere. The receptionist and crew are also friendly which added the charm to this hotel.

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F1 Hotel is located at 32nd Street & Bonifacio Boulevard, Fort Bonifacio, Global City,Taguig City Luzon 1634, Philippines. It is very convenient as the hotel is very near the restaurants and shopping centers in BGC. The hotel is very stylish and the food was excellent.

Hotel Features: 

Image source:
  • Free Wifi
  • Swimming Pool (outdoor pool)
  • Car park/ Airport Transfer/ Car hire
  • Restaurant
  • Fitness Centre/ Spa
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Free Breakfast
  • Room Service/ Laundry Service
  • Bar/Lounge
  • Safety Deposit Box
  • Business Centre
  • Suites

Nearest Transport: MRT 3 Guadalupe Station (1.5KM/ 18 min. walk)

Check-In 2:00PM – Check-Out 12:00PM

Note: You can book via Agoda, Tripadvisor, and TravelBook.Ph. The price ranges from Php 5,000.00- Php7,000.00 (taxes and other fees are sometimes not included) but better check the offers from different providers.

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We haven’t seen each other for a long time, we end up sharing stories and the usual chit-chat we always do. Ben, our fashion blogger BFF took some Instagram-worthy photos. We had some ice tea, burger and fries snacks since we are not yet hungry.

burger and fries for our #snacks
The photo was taken by Ben, our fashion blogger Bff. Follow his blog site at  Bless the models

In the afternoon, we started swimming and enjoying every corner of the hotel. The shower is great, too and the place is relaxing. It’s nice to have a staycation with friends. You can take a lot of photos, share every cute and funny memory, laugh all day and talk anything under the sun.

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Insert Nic in this photo 🙂
Unlimited chit-chat 🙂



We had sumptuous dinner after swimming..,and I swear, will definitely recommend it to you guys. The food was great and we’re happy with the food they served. Staffs are nice and we ask them to take us photos.

Early dinner before we left the hotel 🙂

If you have questions, please let me know.

I’d love to hear your staycation experience and suggestions of other hotels we can visit.