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Coron : My First Solo Travel (Part II)

I hope you enjoyed the Part I of my first solo travel. I know I promise to tell you everything about the second part of the trip I made. So here it is guys 🙂


Palawan is famous not only here in the Philippines but in all parts of  the world. So what does it have that makes tourists love it?

Answer: Stunning beaches, breathtaking lagoons, great diving sites, hospitable people and it’s off the beaten path

After my Boracay trip, I went back to Manila and had overnight stayed at home. I arrived around 8:10 in the evening. I arranged my luggage and separated my used clothes as fast as I can to get some sleep. I wake up at 8:00 in the morning, have my breakfast with my siblings and then I went to the airport around lunch time as my flight is scheduled at 3:20 in the afternoon. I’m thankful that my flight was not canceled and it was on time.

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I arrived at Francisco B. Reyes Airport around 4:30pm. I get a tourist map and guides in the airport and look for a van after. Lucky there are rental vans waiting outside the airport. I paid P150 and the travel took only 30 minutes. I met a Chinese-Filipino group of friends and we are all actually in the same hotel. They’re nice, happy and friendly people. I’m glad to meet them because I was alone in this travel.

When I arrived at my hotel, the staff gave me my keycard and helped me with my luggage. I got a cute and simple room. It is good for two persons but they also have bigger rooms that can accommodate more than 3 -10 persons. By the way, the name of my hotel is Micasa Lodge.


I went to the roof top and had my coffee… And guess what, I was very happy with what I witnessed…

happy rabbit travels
Look, this is the view from the roof top. And I love it 😍😍😍


This place is amazing! It is surrounded by mountains and you can see the small community and the sea. 😍

I rested in my room for a while and then, I went out for dinner. There was a nice restaurant nearby, called Lolo Nonoy’s Food Station and they served Filipino dishes at very affordable price. I noticed there’s a lot of people eating so I was curious about their food. I ordered beef stake which is their best seller and a mango shake. I came to  realized why people are flocking to this place. It’s not the cheap price but the delicious food and fruit shakes they served.

I sleep early because I was tired and I need to prepare for the tour the next day. Also, I notice that there are few establishments and they closed at 10:00 in the evening.

I get the Tour A and the hotel staff contacted the tour operator. I’m happy that the staff is very friendly and very helpful.

I wake up at 6:00 AM and have my breakfast at the hotel which is included in my bookings. You may opt to eat outside as there are also a lot of restaurants nearby.

There are 5 different tours to choose from and their prices vary depending on the tour operator you get, the size of the boat and if it’s a joint or private tour. Price ranges from P600-P2500/person per package tour.

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See sample tour packages:

Tour A – P1600/person
Coron Island Tour (7 destinations)

  • Kayangan lake
  • Twin lagoon
  • Siete Pecados
  • Malwawey Reef
  • CYC Beach
  • Skeleton wreck
  • Beach 91

Tour B – P1700/person
(Island Escaped Tour)

  • Malcapuya Island
  • Banana Island
  • Bulog Dos Island

Tour C – P1400/person

  • World War II Sunken ship & Best Reefs
  • Lusong Gunboat
  • Pass Island
  • Coral Garden

Tour D – P2500/person

  • Caluit Safari Tour
  • Caluit Game Refuge &anctuary Sanctuary
  • Pamalican/Black Island
  • Lusong Gunboat
  • Coral Garden

Tour E – P700/person

  • Mt. Tapyas view deck
  • Souvenir shops
  • Maquinit hot springs
  • Cashew harvest
  • Lualhati Park
  • Public Market Town Plaza

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From the above mention tours, I only picked 3 tours that I know I can do. I wish to dive, however, I need a proper training before I do It’s on my bucket list and I know, one day I will do it.

Anyway, after breakfast, I prepared the things I needed for the tour. I brought my small backpack and put the things I think I needed.

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So to give you some tips for Tour A which is the Coron Island Tour, I listed down the things you should bring:

  • waterproof bag
  • plastic case (for your mobile phone)
  • snorkel gear
  • lotion and sunblock with high SPF
  • Aqua shoes
  • Rashguard
  • Insect repellant
  • Bottled water
  • Plastic bag (wet clothes)
  • Camera/phone
  • Selfie stick (for solo traveler)
  • Powerbank /extra battery
  • Medicine (allergies, headache, dizziness)
  • Shades
  • Hair bands/clip (for women with long hair)

Note: if you don’t want to bring a snorkel gear and aqua shoes on your trip, it’s okay as the tour guide will help you in renting snorkeling equipment and swimming shoes.

The tour operator picked us at the hotel around 8:00 in the morning. After the van driver and our tour guide do the headcount, we headed to the Port of Coron. The boats used for tours and island hopping are everywhere. After the registration, tour operator briefing, and coast guard checking, we left and proceed with our itineraries.

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Tour A- Coron Island Tour

happy rabbit travels
Kayangan Lake
happy rabbit travels
Beach 91
happy rabbit travels
Twin Lagoon

Tour A highlights the most beautiful islands of Coron. I will absolutely recommend it to everyone who will visit Coron. You will certainly enjoy the panoramic view and Instagram-worthy photos. I’m thankful I had my power bank with me cause the tour takes a  whole day and I can’t count how much photos I took. Haha 😂

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I recommend Calamian Island tour operator because we are truly satisfied with their service. From the boat, the food, and the tour guide, all I can give them is thumbs up 👍. The tour guide is very friendly and patient in assisting us and taking our photos. The served Filipino dishes with fruits, they provided us clean drinking water and they prepared everything with care. They treat their guests like their friend and the tour guides are knowledgeable and very entertaining.

After the tour, we went back to our hotel, had a nice shower and left satisfied and dreamy of the astounding islands of Coron. After dinner, I felt sleepy, and I know all the activities (trekking, snorkeling, climbing) I did for tour A made me ready to drop.

To continue my adventure, I took the second tour the next day. Tour B is the “Island Escapades”, featuring the three famous beaches of Coron. Since I grew up in Bicol, surrounded by beautiful beaches, I was curious what their beaches look like. 

Why you should go to Bataan Tourism Center?

Tour B – Island Escaped Tour

Malcapuya Island
happy rabbit travels
Banana Island
happy rabbit travels
Bulog Dos Island

Tour B is also a whole day tour. The itinerary consists of 3 islands which are outlying places to visit. The three beaches have each snorkeling sites which I enjoyed so much. There are too many little sea creatures, colorful coral reefs and more clown fishes which are my favorite. I’m always a fan of “finding Nemo” movie and I’m always fascinated bClownfish or anemonefish. I saw different kinds of clownfishes when I had my trip to Hong Kong, just by looking at them in the water makes me happy and remember the 😂

Among the three beaches, my favorite is Malcapuya beach which has a nice white powdery sand, great snorkeling site, nice view deck, and tranquil and quiet impression. It made me speechless, calm and at peace. I just sit quietly in the sand, drinking fresh coconut and enjoying the place. There’s a cute little monkey in Malcapuya that I saw playing and eating. I think 3 to 4 months old monkey. 

By the way, another highlight of my tour is the food. I ate a lot of crabs and enjoyed so much the lunch prepared for us 🙂 #seafoods #tunafish #grilled #shrimps #crabs and #fruits

The third and the last tour I had in Coron is Tour  E which is worth  P700/person. Instead of paying P700 for the tour, I only paid P387.50 for the tour. The people I’m with on the previous tour rented a van that cost P1500. We divided P1500 to people resulting us to P187.50 each for the van. Then,we paid P200/person entrance fee for Maquinit Hot Spring. Joining a group when you are in your solo trip will save you money and it’s a great way to meet other tourists.

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Tour E – City Tour

View when you reach 400 stair steps
When you see this, then you’re at the 600+ stair steps, haha 🙂
The cross at Mt. Tapyas

happy rabbit travels
Maquinit Hot Spring

I bought several “pasalubong” for my siblings and officemates.  It includes cashews nuts, tarts, and some dried fish which became my favorite breakfast in Coron. 

My favorite from Tour E are Mt. Tapyas and Maquinit hot spring. I climbed 700+ stairs just to reach the summit. It is tiring but it has the best view deck to see the panoramic view of Coron and the sunset. At the back of the cross, you can continue the trekking. You’ll see the lush greenery and breathtaking mountains. It’s a great spot for photography and photo shoot with friends.

Maquinit Hot spring is the last place we visited. We stayed there till 8:15pm. The hot spring is a great relief for your worn out body after island hopping and town tour. Its water is warm, fresh and salty.

I had a pleasant time in Coron. Indeed, a wonderful paradise that I experience for my first-time solo travel. I will never forget it!!!

happy rabbit travels
Ms. Happy Rabbit 🙂

I now know the difference of El Nido and Coron and I will be posting soon the trip I made last January in El Nido.

Let me know in the comments your experience in Coron and what other interesting activities you did there. I’d love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading guys! 

Boracay : My First Solo Travel (Part I)

The 21st of July marked my first solo travel. I was thrilled and excited for the trip yet also a bit anxious and nervous at the same time. I know that I’m used to traveling with companions, either with siblings or with friends. My friends thought I was crazy and some did not believe I did it alone, but hell yeah…I did

A brave rabbit finally tried to get out of her comfort zone and checked one of her goals from her bucket list. Amazing 🙂

I only visited two places during my two weeks time off.


Boracay’s famous grotto 🙂

I’ve been to Boracay several times but there are reasons for that. Whenever I’m in this place I feel relaxed and happy. I love the beach and it always fascinates and makes me a happy kid. What makes this trip different from my previous trip is that I did it alone and tried to make it more relax compared to my previous travel where I do a lot of activities. This time, I do it my way, no plans, no itineraries for the whole trip and no too extreme activities.


I met two ladies at the airport who are working from Hong Kong and taking some time off in the Philippines. Their hotel in Boracay is located in station 3 while mine is in station 1. We arrived in Caticlan in the evening and I was already tired because of our delayed flight and the two hours travel from Kalibo to Caticlan. There’s actually a direct flight from Manila to Caticlan, however, I booked Kalibo.. so, I have to ride a van going to Caticlan.

From Caticlan, I ride a tricycle going to my hotel and paid P25.00. I was happy that when I arrived at my hotel, my room was already ready. I sent an email ahead of time and informed them of the time of my arrival and my request. Blue Lily has very friendly and very helpful staff and I love how they treat me like a VIP.

This is my bed, the comfort room, and the small refrigerator… Too many soft drinks but I only get one and more bottles of water. 😇

Blue Lily room 🙂


The first night was spent for dinner and fire dance watching. Since I want to have enough sleep and good rest, I stayed up to 10:30 PM only.

2nd Day: I wake up early and did some walking and jogging in the long stretch of the beach from station 1 to station 3. After that, I swim and had my breakfast at the hotel. I like the feeling when you’re having a nice breakfast, enjoying the view in front of you and hearing the sound of the waves. Indeed, it’s a wonderful day!

Breakfast in Day 2  #coffee #bread #butter and #strawberry #jam ☕🍞

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I promised to meet up the two ladies after lunch and I headed to station 3 because they’re getting henna tattoos there. Mitch and MJ have it on their bucket lists, so they promise that they will have it in Boracay.

MJ and Mitch got their tattoos

After that, we had some picture-taking in the sand castles and went to station 2 to eat. In the evening, we had dinner, drank some cocktails and enjoyed some acoustic music. We stayed till 1:00 AM and then, I went back to my hotel.

sand castle during the day 🙂
sand castle at night 🙂

Sand castles in Boracay are made by the locals. Usually, minors and some teenagers ask for some tips after building it for tourists.

Staying under the sun for more than four hours made us sweaty and weary. We decided to cool down and went to their hotel. We spend time talking about our next travel destination. They plan to go to Baguio after Boracay while I will be in Coron for 5 days. They tell me their stories and I told them mine. We are all hardworking ladies and we have the same love and passion for travel and adventure. We had few drinks at their room before I showed them my hotel in station 1. My hotel has a terrace which is a perfect view deck to watch the beach and the stunning sunset.

Girls just wanna have fun 🙂 lol

Besides the sand castles, there’s a sand lantern at night. Isn’t that cool?

3rd Day: I wake up at 6am,had some walk and tried to do the standup paddle boating. It costs P500.00 for an hour. A little expensive but it’s nice to try. I went to souvenir shops after lunch and bought some shirts and “pasalubong” for my siblings. I met up with Mitch and MJ during dinner as I like to enjoy my “me time” during the day and afternoon.

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Tres Amigos Boracay restaurant is the place where we had dinner. They served Mexican food which I love. I ordered a beef burrito and a classic margarita. Mitch and MJ tried other dishes like chicken fajitas, quesadilla, and frozen margaritas.

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We then headed to Club Paraw to have some drinks. It was a nice time to have some party and enjoy the dance floor. We get their house special drinks. Actually, we get a tower drink..haha, and it gave me a headache in the morning. I’m glad the two are heavy drinkers, cause I know I can’t finish more than 5 glasses of that alcoholic drink.

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4th Day: I wake up a little late. I had a walk going to station 3. I stayed there to chill and to swim. I also like station 3 cause it’s less crowded compared to station 1 and 2. I stayed on station 1 because I want a beach front hotel and see the purest powdery white sand and the grotto of Boracay. Also, it’s very accessible and convenient.

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Who wants to chill here?

After wandering around the beach, I arrange my luggage for my flight going back to Manila.

By the way, if it’s your first time in Boracay, I advise you to do some of the activities there. You’ll love it and appreciate more the beauty of this place. Just a recap of the things I’ve done on my previous visits in Boracay, you can try the following:

  • ATV
  • Parasailing
  • Helmet Diving
  • Island Hopping
  • Snorkeling/Diving
  • Clubbing
  • Food Tripping
  • Paddle Boating/Kayaking

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And, please don’t forget to see the sunset in Boracay. It is worth waiting and I’m sure you’ll be surprised to see it 🙂

Sunset in Boracay 🙂

I hope you enjoy reading the first part of my travel. Next Part of my travel will be posted in the coming days. If you haven’t been to Coron Palawan, you have to check the part two of my trip. Coron is a breathtaking place and I will tell you more about it…very soon.

Thanks for reading!