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Love yourself when no one loves you
Love yourself when you’re sad and blue
Love yourself in times of trouble.
Love yourself in times of sorrow.

Love yourself when you can’t stop crying
Love yourself when your soul is dying
Love yourself even if he is lying
Love yourself there’s no harm in trying.

Love yourself in the midst of uncertainty
Love yourself despite the difficulty
Love yourself when there’s adversity
Love yourself because it’s your duty.

Love yourself when you’re feeling down
Love yourself and never ever frown
Love yourself and don’t get drawn
Love yourself ’cause God is around.


I wonder if you’re the kind of person who would listen to me.

When I speak my heart and when I whisper to your ear

Do you know how to listen? Or you’re just pretending

Do you really care about me? Or you’re just caring cause you need me?

My heart aches when you keep secrets from me
And my eyes cry for reasons hard to define

How do I tell my heart to stop loving you?
How do I tell it to stop beating for someone it doesn’t deserve.


I wish to go somewhere beautiful
A place where reconnecting with nature would be cool
I wish to swim in deep blue sea
Where corals and cute little fishes are free.

I wish to go somewhere in the forest
Where I can get lost and get rest
A place to find peace within my soul

And takes away my worries  I can’t control.

I wish to climb the highest  mountain
Where the climb can be steep and daunting
Where my will and strength will be tested
To see the summit where my heart is well-rested.

-happy rabbit-

January Love


You came towards me and you said “Hi”
You hugged me tight and I was caught by surprise
At first, I felt awkward and intimidated by you
Your words, gestures, made me clueless and blue.
But you made me feel home with your angelic smile
Never would I realized, I’ll get lost in your eyes
You shared your life while we walked hand in hand
You told me stories of your great friends and your land
You asked me all the movies I’ve watched
You made me realized that somehow we’re matched
You love to play the guitar and those songs
Lend your headphone for me, just to hear those songs
I lay on your shoulder every day and night
We kissed, we cuddled and it felt so right
You hold my hand as we swim to the sea
You dive, play Nemo just for me to see
And showed me your passion and how amazing you could be.

-happy rabbit-


Hot-air Balloon



Take me to the place where my love is
Where we can sing songs that last for years;
Where we can nurture our love that will never die
A place of truth, where he cannot lie.

Take me to the sea where he loves to swim
Where excitement, joy , love he will  only scream;
Where I can see the softness of his heart and pureness of his soul
A place where we can make love, and do nothing at all.

Take me to the mountain where he’s passionate about
Where he loves to climb, to tramp or to hike;
Where his fondness of nature and enthusiasm come out
A place to be intimate and do things that we like.

-happy rabbit-