Love yourself when no one loves you Love yourself when you’re sad and blue Love yourself in times of trouble. Love yourself in times of sorrow. Love yourself when you can’t stop crying Love yourself when your soul is dying Love yourself even if he is lying Love yourself there’s no harm in trying. Love … More LOVE YOURSELF


I wonder if you’re the kind of person who would listen to me. When I speak my heart and when I whisper to your ear Do you know how to listen? Or you’re just pretending Do you really care about me? Or you’re just caring cause you need me? My heart aches when you keep … More How?


I wish to go somewhere beautiful A place where reconnecting with nature would be cool I wish to swim in deep blue sea Where corals and cute little fishes are free. I wish to go somewhere in the forest Where I can get lost and get rest A place to find peace within my soul … More I WISH…

January Love

You came towards me and you said “Hi” You hugged me tight and I was caught by surprise At first, I felt awkward and intimidated by you Your words, gestures, made me clueless and blue. But you made me feel home with your angelic smile Never would I realized, I’ll get lost in your eyes … More January Love

Hot-air Balloon

  Take me to the place where my love is Where we can sing songs that last for years; Where we can nurture our love that will never die A place of truth, where he cannot lie. Take me to the sea where he loves to swim Where excitement, joy , love he will  only … More Hot-air Balloon