A very warm welcome to my site!

My name is Jo-E, the creator of the Happy Rabbit Travels site. A 28-year-old Filipina who’s filled with dreams and aspirations in life. An ardent rabbit who unleashed all her love and passion for adventures travels, and photography the moment she climbed the highest point of El Nido, Palawan.


How I came into blogging?

I started this blog the day I realized that I have to follow what my heart truly desires, that I have to pursue the things I’m passionate about, that I have to share my happiness and adventures, and that I have to start making my dreams come true… and that dream is to travel my country and the rest of the world.

I want to inspire people like me who dreams of BIGGER DREAMS, who wants to explore her own country and who aims to TRAVEL THE WORLD in a better and cheaper way.

On this site, I will share all my travel tips, musing, and travel stories. It will also include some of my favorite quotes, food, thoughts, and motivation.

Wish me luck as I take a leap of faith in following my dreams 🙂

If you have questions, tips, or want to share your experience anywhere in the world, please let me know. I would love to hear from you and would love to feature your travel stories.

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30 thoughts on “ About Me ”

    1. Hi Dylan, for me, freedom means being able to express myself and do the things that make me happy. No matter what the society dictates, I can just be myself and be wonderful 🙂 Thanks for visiting my site..

  1. There is a lot more adventure and courage inside you than you have yet embraced. I’ve traveled with others, I’ve traveled alone. Alone is better. It opens more doors for opportunity and you meet the most amazing people. Bonne courage et bonne chance! Léa

    1. Thanks for those wonderful words Lea. Those mean a lot to me, ..especially that I just recently started this and continue traveling as much as I can..will be doing solo travel this year, exciting! I will be following your footsteps.. Grazie 🙂

  2. Hi Jo-e! I wanted to thank you personally for taking the time to read my post about my momma’s cancer relief crowdfunding campaign. It means the world to me and my brother that you took time out of your day to read it. If you are able please please please reblog our post or share our cause wherever you can. I know that just in simply sharing it you could make a tremendous impact on our small, humble family. Thank you for your consideration.

    Christopher Michael

      1. I’ve tried so many times you can’t imagine. And the thing is I don’t live close to the ocean or sea and I am terrified of pools since you can get so many weird stuff from it. So Idk, it seems like I will not survive any shipwreck any time soon 🙁

      2. we can do it Masha! I also tried it yet failed many times..but I learned few things already..and it helps. all we need is focus ,determination and enroll in swimming lessons 🙂

  3. Thank you for liking my post. Beginners like us need all the encouragement we can get! Kudos on your blog and really support the sentiment for staring it. Will be reading more.

  4. Enjoy your travels wherever they take you and to always have
    an open heart and an open mind.
    It seems to me you will experience few problems that you cannot handle

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