The past four months have been challenging for all of us. Not only it brings stressors in our lives, but, created so much fear that makes things even harder. For people who are used to go out and love socializing, this pandemic is a nightmare. Even if you are a homebody, this crisis will still be troublesome and difficult. The community quarantine started last March and most of the people I know started the work from home set up. It’s something that I feel lucky about as our employer has provided us enough support for the transition. The first few weeks have been hard and frustrating, but, as time goes by, everyone adjusted well to the setup.

I understand how difficult things right now, all the planned travels were canceled, even the most important occasions in your life. Most of the time, I feel lonely even though I have my family with me. I realized that my pattern was changing and I can no longer sleep well. Sometimes, it really gets too difficult to sleep and control the thoughts in my head. I miss my friends and the people I love most. I miss my niece, my nephew, and my hometown. It makes me sad and hopeless as it’s impossible to come home because of the lockdown.

There are days that I can endure, but, there are also days that seem unbearable. When I started to notice these realizations, I tried changing my habits. Every day, I started to do something new. I tried changing my routines and started good habits that helped me boost my energy and optimism. And it really works! So, I’d like to share these things that you can do at home while waiting for this pandemic to end. I really hope that these can help you move forward and inspire you to have a positive outlook in life despite the crisis.

  1. Count your blessings

    Every day when you wake up, be grateful for the gift of life. If you and your loves are healthy and still together, that’s something that you should celebrate and be grateful for. Be thankful for the food in the table, as some families are desperately starving. Be thankful if you are able to keep your job. Some people were layoff and some lost their businesses. There’s so much to be grateful for if you just focus on things that matter most.
  2. Make others happy

    How can we make others happy? Give them a smile to brighten their day. Say thank you to the person who delivers your food and things you order online. Give food packs or any amount to garbage collectors, drivers, guards, and other front-liners who help us during this pandemic. Send a thank-you email or show your appreciation to your colleagues who help you at work.
  3. Be positive

    To have a positive outlook in life, I suggest reading inspirational and motivational books. Listen to audio-books (I listen using audible). Watch good movies that will lift your spirit and avoid dramas that can make you feel down. Turn your negative self-talk into positive self-talk. Focus on important things and live in the present. Find a mentor that can help you become a good and positive person. And finally, surround yourself with cheerful people.
  4. Pursue your passion

    Before you started your career, think about what you really wanted to do? Do you love writing? taking photos? Becoming an entrepreneur? Cooking? whatever it is, you can still go back to it and pursue your dreams. If you aren’t sure, you can seek help from your family and friends. Most of the time, these people know what makes you really happy and they are the ones who know you well. As for me, planting makes me smile and really changes my mood in a good way.
  5. Exercise

    If you are lazy enough to have long hours of exercise, try 10-15 minutes a day. Exercise can boost your energy and proven to make people happy. I do 15-30 minutes of exercise and trust me, you can do it well at home. You can also download apps of your preference available in the play store
  6. Eat healthy

    I prepare meals at home using less processed foods. There’s a lot of recipes that you can try. I always check on YouTube and Facebook pages for video cooking instructions. Also, I suggest you buy more fruits and vegetables and lessen the intake of sugary drinks. It’s really exciting to try a new dish every day. Happy tummy, happy you.
  7. Sing a song

    Singing can help you express your emotions, pains, and connect to your soul. It changes your mood and also gives you confidence. You don’t need to be a great singer, just sing your heart out.
  8. Meditate and pray

    Meditation and prayers are essential as it gives happiness, peace of mind, and keeps you mentally and spiritually healthy.
  9. Learn new skills

    Learning new skills will help you become adaptable to changes and become an open-minded person. You can start learning the art of negotiation, public speaking, and other new tools for improving your website. You can learn other languages. I use Duolingo to learn Italian which I find romantic, and, Korean language as I’m a K-drama fanatic. Right now, I’m learning how to create chatbots on a Facebook page, Facebook advertising, social media management, and other things that I find interesting outside my corporate job. I’m helping my sister set up her online store. I take beautiful photos for her products, manage her social media account, and create her Facebook ads.
  10. Write your thoughts

    The time that I had trouble sleeping, I started writing all the things in my head. Whatever it is that’s making you worry and anxious, write it down. Write anything that you are feeling on a day to day basis. I write poems and even write the things that I’m grateful for. Writing takes my worries away and it relieves my stress.
  11. Reconnect to people

    You can use your social media accounts to reconnect with your friends and family. You can send them a message or call them just to check how they’re doing. I usually have a weekly video call with my best friends and other circles of friends. Staying in touch with these people can make you happy, excited, and, can help you realize that you are not alone during this season.

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  1. Wow ! Some of the amazing points you have been covered in your blog.
    I really liked your first point ! Count your blessings, in this busy life we often forget to be grateful for the things we have and chase the unrealistic things.
    Check out my first blog on coronavirus impact on travel bloggers. –
    I will be glad to hear your views on my very first blog.
    Let me know what do you think.
    Thanks !

    1. Glad you like it! Thank you so much. I will definitely check and provide some inputs 🙂

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