Things may be falling apart now in your own world. You may feel the burden of past mistakes and not forgiven yet the people that crush your dreams. Disappointed of so many things that didn’t meet your expectations. Feeling like a failure for a number of rejections you had this year.

Numb of pain and heartaches because you loved so hard and you lose too much. Tired of trying your best to meet other people’s expectations. Losing that fire of passion and trade it for your living. Faking a smile so others won’t notice your tears.

Lost the one thing you treasure your whole life. Your dream is no longer reachable and daydreaming becomes a habit. A happy and positive soul no longer thrives in you. Nothing seems to please your eyes and ears. All those songs don’t sound so good anymore like a year ago.

Felt betrayed by your one true friend and your own self. You’re full of shit and you can’t even admit it. Indifferent, imperfect and you can’t see any star, all you see is a sky full of scars.

Blinded by your fears and suffering, you have forgotten the people who love you. You curse the world and hate the people who don’t get you. No longer believe that miracles can happen in your life. Shifting to something you don’t love because you no longer believe in your craft.

You stand alone with all your troubles and doubts. Unfinished paintings, unspoken words reflect your weaknesses and fears. A promise that saddened your soft and gentle heart.

Come back home my one shining star. Cry and smile to ease those pains. Walk…run and follow what’s meant for you. See where your heart will take you. Open your eyes to a world outside your broken spirit. You are more than what failed you. You are more than what you lose. You are more than your dreams. You are more than those tears and past mistakes. You are loved and you are blessed enough with days and skills. Only you can make a change, trust the process, and don’t ever give up!


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