It’s my birthday today!

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It’s common to feel a little bit of sadness and anxiety especially when your birthday is fast-approaching. Ideally, I celebrate it the whole month with my different circles of friends, but this year, it’s kinda different. Maybe it’s the year wherein I gave my birth month a different twist on how I wanted to celebrate my special day. To treat it sincerely in a way that will give me a sweeping impression that I needed.

I spent my time reflecting on my life, looked back at the things I have done in the past, and the things I wish to do in the future. Celebrations are parts of how I like to acknowledge a birthday, so, I have planned a few weekends with my closest friends and family. However, it’s really important to be aware of where you are now in your life which is more valuable than celebrations and parties. Every year we are given a new chance and a new beginning to make our dreams come true. To correct our past mistakes and make things right this time. I know there’s a lot of things I haven’t checked yet from my bucket list and goals I haven’t reached yet, but, this year made me realize how blessed I am to be in this world.

Birthday blues will always be there, but, it’s up on you on how you will pay attention to it. I like treating it like a mirror wherein I can see both the beauty and the ugly sides of my life. I will be able to see the things that I should put at the top of my priority and the areas of my life that need improvement or need to be omitted in order for me to grow. For years, I met a lot of people who bring out the best and the worst in me, but, I will always be forever grateful to them because without meeting them, I will not be able to get where I am now. I always look at the bright side of my life despite the struggles I and my family experienced in the past. I focus on the “now” which is more prosperous, more radiant and happier.

Instead of looking back at the past mistakes, and regretting the things I do and shouldn’t do with my life, I just breathe and close my eyes and visualize the future I want for myself and my family. The picture is more beautiful and much brighter. I can see the path that will lead me to become successful in whatever I’m endeavoring into.

So many events that happened this year that wake me up again to the reality of my life. There’s so much goodness and positive energy that flow in the universe that I realize will give me everything that I wanted. There’s plenty of opportunities presented to me from last year that I’ve missed because of being weak, and this time, I’m opening my arms wide open for the incredible and tremendous opportunities the universe is giving me. I’m welcoming a better and more meaningful life, abundance, good health and massive success. Today is my day, and I’m going to live it well and worthwhile.

So, if you’re uncertain, feeling down, and recognizing these birthday blues, I’ve listed a few approaches on how you can beat it;

1. Be grateful and celebrate

It is a special day not because of the cakes, and material and expensive gifts you get from your loved ones. It is a special day because you are given another chance to experience all the wonderful things in this world and blessed with time you can spend to the most precious people around you. Celebrate it with small or big groups of your friends and family. Celebrate your day by being grateful, say your prayers and thank the Almighty God for the gift of life.

2. Think, reflect, and move on

I know people tend to get depressed and disappointed with their birthdays because of unmet accomplishments and failures. Some are unsatisfied with their small achievements, and some are just sorry and not proud of where they are at the moment. Considering these unfavorable musing will just bring you disappointments and heartaches. Rather than entertaining these negative reflections, focus on the lessons you’ve learned out of these failures and unaccomplished goals. Focus on the brighter side of your life and think of the little changes you can do daily that will help you grow as a person. Forget the disappointments, and let things go.

3.  Set a realistic goal

One can continue dreaming, or one can create a better reality of his/her dreams. It is important to review your goals; how big or small it is doesn’t matter. What’s important is your setting a realistic goal and taking step by step process towards its attainment. Dreams without a sensible goal will remain a dream. Having a goal and working towards it on a daily basis will give you confidence and purpose in life.

Whether you are experiencing birthday blues or not, there is no reason to lengthen its season. Remember that you don’t get older, you get better and better every year. That it is meaningful to cherish all the happiness that time can bring and cultivate long-lasting relationships with the people you hold dear. A birthday is a reminder that you should live a life with purpose, compassion and unconditional love.





  1. I always tell everyone my birthday is just another day but, then, I’m disappointed when no one does anything for me. 😉😂
    Belated happy birthday!

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