As I sit back and rest myself to a bamboo chair under this old yet cool nipa hut, I begin to experience the peace and calmness of the place. My mind was put at a calming mode, feeling the warmth, and the sounds of the waves from the blue-green untouched beach of my childhood days.

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Everything was somehow the same, after a few years of not seeing this paradise. The skies are blue, the water is crystal clear, the trees and coconut trees are abundant, and the hammock under the trees is still the best place to cool down and relax my tired body. There may be no music of pop, rock and any genre, yet, the sound of the waves, the chirping bird is the best music that could soothe and put my spirit at its finest mode.

Subic Beach Matnog maybe too far from the city, yet, it is worth all the hours of travel. The best way to stay connected with nature and yourself. I have previously blogged about the beauty of this place and I will still recommend anyone to visit this place.

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There are days where we wanna experience the adrenaline rush, and be adventurous through the waves of the seas. We wanted to feel that excitement and the happiness of being able to stand up on that surfing board and just go with the flow of the waves. The fine powdery sand white beach makes me really want to stay longer. The locals and the tranquil and serenity it brings to visitors is something unforgettable. It has a detox area for people who wanted to find themselves to reflect for days, weeks, and months will definitely love this place.


Lola Sayong surf camp has everything that your mind, body, and soul needed. A place where you can clear your mind and cleanse your body. All you have to do is be ready and prepare for adventure in this off the beaten path of Sorsogon.

I love adventures, I love kayaking, and I love trekking and climbing. There’s something about doing these kinds of activities that helps me face the obstacles of my life. The fire of hope and life begin to unleash within me through actions and sweats. This makes life more interesting and fills the souls with moments connected with nature. It’s like saying hello to the lakes and trees that you passed by though kayaking and trekking. Make your heart jump by trying to trek and cross that hanging bridge that you’re afraid to try on. And, when you reach the center of that bridge, you felt so happy, fulfilled and blessed to witness the whole lake, the mountains and the magnificent beauty of this so-called paradise.

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It is my first time to visit Bulusan lake, and I was really surprised how beautiful this place.




What’s surprising is we are able to visit and attend the LUAU’s beach party held in that night. Fireworks is perfect, locals are friendly, the music and the band were amazing, and the night is a real one big celebration and magical.


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I like to relax and calm my body, and the best place to revitalize in Sorsogon is at Mateo’s Hot Spring. My late father used to bring us to this spot when we’re young. And. I’m so glad to be back after 18 years? I never realize that I would be able to visit again this place. Everything changed, from the cottage, reception, the shower room, the rooms, the look of the place, except for the pool made of stones and natural water. It has several pools with different levels of warmness. From the cold pool, to moderate and to the hottest pool, one will definitely jump with excitement, happiness, and leave the place rejuvenated.

Photo By: MY BICOL

It’s amazing to fully experience all these wonderful sites in my hometown. This is probably the reason why I will never trade this home from any city or place in Manila. Nothing can beat this hometown for me, and I will always be proud of my province for its amazing beauty.

If you have questions, tips, or want to share your experience in Sorsogon, please let me know in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

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