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Nothing could be more surprising than freeing oneself to self-doubt and fears that lived a couple of years in your heart and mind. By freeing yourself from self-pity and misconception about who you really are. Freeing yourself by fitting to things and people that are unnecessary and creating clutter disaster that resulted in self-harm and the loss of your power, self-esteem, and faith.
The day you made stupid jokes and nonsense opinion just trying hard to be cool. The day you eat and drink new kind of style even if isn’t your cup of tea just to please people that don’t even bother to care about you. You should know every little action that could result in a bad reaction of your life. Shed tears for men and women who disappointed you and cause you tremendous heartaches and pain.
And just today…
You’re turning back on your past life and moving forward to what satisfy your soul. You’re letting go of the doubts and uncertainties that made you the person that you never wanted to be. The kind of person who once battered with pain, burden, and lies of everyone around you.
And just today… starts the beginning of a new you. The kind of person who is fearless and determine to pursue her lifelong dreams to be the person she’s destined to be. The kind of person who believes in herself and envisions the beauty of a happy soul that could touch a thousand hearts and unfold a brighter future.
And just today… you made a promise to yourself to never feel inferior about anything and anyone who could disturb your inner peace. Today you made a mark that could last a lifetime of success, happiness, and laughter. Your dreams are turning into reality and you’re being closer to your success.
And just today…
You will be the best version of yourself. The best daughter, the best friend, the best colleague, the best sister, the best wife, and the best person that will make a difference in the world.
And just today.. you are completely and honestly true to who you really are.

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  1. We are al guilty of this in our lives, realizing this and repairing the damage is the real courage of life. Always be honest in your feelings.

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