Imagine yourself walking with your loved ones in a cobblestone walkway surrounded by houses with a taste of Spanish and modern architectural designs. Imagine yourself cruising in a river with your best of friends and taking breathtaking photos having modern historical hotels in your background. I know it’s hard to imagine these things, however, these were already painted in our memories. And, all these wonderful memories were traces of our wonderful staycation in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar.

The first time I visited this heritage paradise was in 2016, and I witnessed 27 historical houses built in Las Casas. After 2 years, they already showcase 57 beautiful houses that made my second visit more thrilling and exciting. This place is now a famous destination in the Philippines and the only property in the Philippines to be part of Historic Hotels reaching throughout the world. It offers a luxurious staycation and heritage tour to casas with unique and interesting stories.

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People flock to this place not only because they want to revisit the history, the old architectural designs, the beautiful houses in the 18th century, but because they know that this spot will make their vacation refreshing and superb. One will surely be stunned seeing these old houses like you’re already becoming part of the Spanish Colonial era. One will be amazed and surprised to see how these houses are transferred and built piece by piece and turn it into its original form and architecture. One would want to stay for hours roaming around the 26 hectares and discover the hidden beauty of each of these old houses. I’m amazed and proud to know that we have something like this here in the Philippines. This place is the place I would want to get married and have my prenup photos taken because it’s wonderfully made and amazingly beautiful.

What’s more fun on my second visit, are the special tours they now offer. From the walking heritage tour, they now have the river cruise and kalesa ride. Balsa tour along the Umangol River is my favorite tour as it’s very romantic and surrounded by balconies, brick walls, and arched bridges which are perfect for your, Instagram feeds.

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Balsa tour along the Umangol River

I wasn’t able to show the beauty of Las Casas at night in my previous blog post in 2016 as we only had a day trip there. I’m very glad we had an overnight stay this time because I definitely enjoyed its midnight beauty and the coldness of the air. It’s Tin’s birthday and we have the tradition to spend each birthday in fabulous and breathtaking spots near Manila.   For me, night strolling around the area and along the beach is more idyllic than daylight. The midnight feels and the street lights added its sentimental vibes.

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View from the reception area. We got welcome drinks when we arrived, and the staffs are pleasant to give us a short briefing on our stay including the hotel amenities, activities and tour schedules.

We got two large superior deluxe rooms for 8 pax and added additional beds for our friends. Our room is huge and elegant. The restroom is too big that it has everything that you would want to have and it’s pleasantly odor-free. We have a bathtub, hot and cold shower, and the mirror is quite big enough for our selfies. It’s interesting to see two urinals which are far different from what we have nowadays. The walls, the lights, and the paint they used make the whole room sophisticated.

We started wandering around in the afternoon, took Instagram worthy photos and have some Filipino desserts and street foods. Also, there’s a carabao race and parade within the area. All these activities are fun to watch and were entertained by witty and pretty tour guides as they joke around and make the tour more compelling and exciting.

We had dinner at Café Marivent which is the perfect restaurant for romantic dinner. The lights and picture-perfect view magnify its beauty at night. My eyes are already full of awe-inspiring sights. No doubt why a lot of people prefer to dine here to watch the sunrise and the sunset.


 We had our breakfast buffet at Hotel de Oriente and we’re glad to see that there are plenty of typical Filipino dishes. What I like for their breakfast is that they served “Kapeng Barako” and “taho” which are my favorites.


After breakfast we stroll around, some of us swim, some of us tried the train and rented a bicycle to wander around Las Casas. We also went to beachside to chill and do sunbathing. You can also play volleyball with your friends and hang out.

We checked out before 12 noon to ensure that there will be no additional charges.

To make this staycation economical, we asked few of our friends to join us and we split the costs of the accommodation and the van that we rented for the round trip fare from Manila to Bataan. I know a lot of people have an idea of how expensive it is to stay here but we always find ways to have a budget-friendly staycation.

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Overall we rate this 4.5 because of the elegance of the place, the comfort, and cleanliness of our rooms. The staff are also friendly and accommodating as well as the tour guides. We can’t give 5 as we also see some areas for improvement like ensuring the rooms air conditioning are not concentrated in one area. Maybe there’s something wrong with the aircon in our room because the coldness only stayed in one area and not in the entire room. Also, we hope that they will add budget-friendly food choices, as we noticed that the food in restaurants and cafeterias are bit pricey. We will surely come back and recommend this to everyone because this is the most remarkable heritage hotel in the Philippines.

A glimpse of Tin’s Birthday and our Fabulous Staycation

“Spending my birthday on this laid-back & relaxing historical resort is simply amazing. It’s not just a resort where you enjoy its amenities but u also get to learn history thru the different old houses rebuilt in the vast land of Las Casas. And if you think that this place is magnificent in the morning, you’ll fall in love more to its beauty at night ❤️ The lanterns give the whole resort a very romantic vibe especially for couples. I would love to return here for more birthdays or anniversary” 💕💕 – Kristine



Items Amount (Php)
1 large superior deluxe room for 8 pax     7,800.00
2 Additional Beds     3,000.00
Accommodation Budget inclusive of breakfast buffet   10,800.00
Round Trip Van     7,000.00
Total Costs   28,600.00
Items Amount (Php)
Lunch (stopover)/each 200
Afternoon Snacks @ Las Casas /head 100
Dinner/head 400
Accommodation/per head 1800
Round Trip Van /per head 636.36364
Budget Per Head 3,136.36

NOTE: Accommodation was divided to 6 persons while the van rent was divided to 11 persons. Our accommodation includes breakfast buffet and walking heritage tour.

Have a great trip and enjoy the hotel! 

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For the prices of tours, rooms and other packages, click the link below;


To visit Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, see the details below taken from their website

By Land:

Bataan is accessible via the Subic Clark Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) and Northern Luzon Expressway (NLEX). There are buses running directly to Balanga town proper, which is about 125 km northwest of Manila. From Olongapo City, you may take the Victory Liner Buses. Tricycles and jeepneys are the primary modes of transport around Bataan.

By Air:

You may go through the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport in Clark, Pampanga or through the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminals in Manila and make the necessary land transfers.
Las Casas Filipinas has located 20 km away from Mt. Samat Shrine. From the Japanese Friendship Tower in Bagac, turn left and the resort is 2 km away.

By Public Vehicle:

From Pasay Rotonda along EDSA (below MRT station) – approx. PHP300+/pax
Take the Genesis Bus to Balanga Bus Station (trip starts at 4:00AM; bus arrives every 30 minutes)
From the bus station, take the jeepney going to Bagac or Morong (Bagac-bound has a limited time while Morong-bound has a longer time)
Upon reaching Bagac, get down at the Filipino-Japanese Friendship Tower and go to the tricycle station
Take tricycle going to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar (Gate 5 entrance)

From Cubao along EDSA (below MRT station) – approx. PHP270+/pax
Take the Genesis Bus or Bataan Transit along EDSA Cubao to Balanga Bus Station (trip starts at 4:00am; bus arrives every 30 minutes)
From the bus station, take the jeepney going to Bagac or Morong (Bagac-bound has a limited time while Morong-bound has a longer time)
Upon reaching Bagac, get down at the Filipino-Japanese Friendship Tower and go to the tricycle station
Take tricycle going to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar (Gate 5 entrance)

If you have questions, tips, or want to share your experience in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, please let me know in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

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