Life is a beautiful thing to be grateful for. It gives us chances to see the beauty of every country and every color of the world. It let us wander from land to air and see the marvelous creations of God.

Life is a beautiful thing that I’m happy to have. So many people in the world are fighting for their lives. Every second’s count and every prayer are offered just to have another day or years of this life. Others take it for granted and abuse it during their youth. They only realize that time and life are valuable when they experienced sickness and old age.

Life is a beautiful thing that we need to celebrate. To celebrate life with our loved ones and the friends who are dear to us. To honor God and to cheers to the world, you’re living in and just be happy and relieved that you’re alive.

Life is a beautiful thing that will give you unlimited opportunities. Only if you know how to appreciate life and open your eyes to what it’s presenting you. Only if you open the door and the windows of your soul, you’ll ignite the light of hope and make your dreams come true.  Your decisions and willingness to consider these breaks will determine your progress in the future. Opportunities are knocking not only once but sometimes twice, so you better get ready and grab the chance or others will.

Life is a beautiful thing that it teaches you how to be a compassionate, kind and humble being. It shows how love and care for other people, for your loved ones, are important. It will give your hopeless heart a brand new meaning that you’ve been looking for. It will brighten up even your darkest hour and lead you to the path of peace and happiness. Life isn’t perfect, you aren’t either, and that’s what makes it beautiful and mysterious. It gives us something that’s unexpected, so we must celebrate life every day with the people who matters to us most.

Life is a beautiful thing that it can make you fall in love and experience pain at the same time. Through every pain and challenges, you become strong and prudent. Through love and sympathy, you become a better person you’re destined to be. It gives lessons of love, it shows the magic of love not only to a single person but to the rest of the world. It can give happiness,  misery, a roller coaster ride feeling, trouble and adventure with the person you’ll fall in love with. That’s how unpredictable life is.

Life is a beautiful thing that it lets strangers become friends. It lets people connected and bonded with a hope and belief that their lives will get better. It makes living worth living, it makes people hold on to their dreams, and it gives people other people to be their source of inspiration. If you dream of living in a lifeless world, then you’re probably dead. But if you dream of living in world full of happy people who are dreamers and adventurous, you are alive.

Life is a beautiful thing that it gives us trials and moments of defeats that make as human. Life doesn’t only show you the brightest lights in the sky but also takes you to the deepest and darkest light of the sea. It doesn’t always gives you a sunny day or a perfect day you always imagined, but also gives you a rainy and cloudy day to pause and reflect for a while.



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