One of the most memorable spots in Coron Palawan where I love to watch the sunrise and sunset is Mount Tapyas. Mt. Tapyas is one of the highest points of Coron Palawan. The giant metal cross serves as a landmark that can be seen day and night because it is brightly lit. It has 700+ stairs steps and handrails all the way up which makes it a bit easier to climb.

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Why do I want to come back in this place?

1. It gives a great view of the beautiful town of Coron and its neighboring islands.

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2. It’s the perfect spot to watch the sunrise and sunset

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3. The feeling of fulfillment is great once you reached the top of the mountain.


4. The back of the holy cross has a short trail that leads to a resting place, green grass, nature, fresh air and the other side of the mountain.

The short trail at the back of the cross
The short trail at the back of the cross
5. Good for people who wants to enjoy a quiet and serene place in Coron


6. Lastly, it’s free for everyone

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Before you start to climb, ensure you read these tips:

  • Bring enough water
  • Wear sneakers/sandals if possible
  • Climb 30-60 minutes before the sunset
  • Bring insect repellent especially if you’re going to do the short trail at the back of the cross
  • Bring extra clothes/towels
  • Don’t forget phone/cameras for taking perfect photos

How to get there?

From the town of Coron or your hotel, you can ride a tricycle and just instruct the driver to take you to Mount Tapyas. You can also book a town tour as Mt.Ttapyas is included in the town tour packages being offered by the locals and tour agencies.

If you have questions, tips, or want to share your experience in climbing Mt. Tapyas please let me know in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

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