Thank you 2016 for all the good and bad memories we’ve shared. I’ve learned so many lessons and I’ve been blessed with plenty of opportunities.  It’s time to say goodbye, and it’s time to welcome the great and prosperous 2017 for me.

I’m ready to start a new and fresh life 2017. I’m ready to fill my planner with my short and long term goals that I’ve been working on since last year. I’m ready to fill my travel diary and website with more wonderful travels and adventures. I’m ready to meet new people and see new faces.

I’m ready to find ways on how I can grow HAPPY RABBIT TRAVELS site and create informative, fun and interesting posts. I’m ready to be more connected with my readers and other bloggers.I’m ready to be creative and resourceful to achieve these goals and I will succeed and will never allow fear to take over me.

I’m ready to embrace change and opportunities. I know that I can’t resist change and I need to welcome opportunities that come my way. I believe these changes are inevitable for my growth and development. I believe they will be the key to my success and the source of strength and inspiration for a brighter tomorrow. It’s about time to assess the opportunities that are knocking on my door and decide whether to accept it or pass it on.

I’m ready to be bold, brave and adventurous. I’m willing to brush off the shyness and coward side of me and become a fearless warrior princess. I need to be strong, I need to be tough and I need to choose any battles that will show up. I need to be patient and careful with every situation that will test my personality and ego. I need to be wiser and braver to face every problem that may arise as I know that it can affect my actions towards achieving happiness and my goal.

I’m ready to love myself more. I’m ready to invest and put effort to make myself feel worthy of the things I deserved. I will workout and stay fit as much as I can so that with every adventure that I want to do, I can be physically and mentally ready. I will continue reading books that will keep me motivated and determined to pursue my passion. These books will be a way to guide me to the things I don’t know, to the things that I have no idea yet have a huge impact on my success. I need to read more books that will not only feed my brain but also nourish my spirit and my entire being.

I’m ready to welcome wealth and financial freedom. I know I’ve been bad with handling money and I’ve tried to change that little by little. I’ve seen the fruits of my efforts and thankful that I become wiser day by day as I see the significance of money and the value of hard work just to get it. I will listen more to audio books, read books about finances, and practice being more thrifty and wiser in the coming years. It’s never too late to start and I believe I’m  capable of doing amazing things. I just need more time, more discipline, more motivation to make my plan works. I will plan my budget well and add more on my investments. I will let my asset grow this year and let my fear of losing money go.
I’m ready to build friendships and romance. I’m ready to finally meet the person destined for me. Someone who’s ready to love and fight for me despite the challenges and difficulties in life. Someone who will stay and never let me go. Someone who cares and love me wholeheartedly. Someone who’ll realize my value and love me more than I love him. I’m willing and open for the possibility that God will present this person in 2017 and I’m being optimistic that our paths will cross one day. Maybe in a plane, on the beach, in my favorite coffee shop, on the top of the mountain, in the church, in the street, in the corner of our office and in other places I’ve never been yet. No matter where I will meet this person and I’ll be happy and have my arms ready and widely open for him. I’m ready to meet strangers that will be my new friends. I will be friendly and try not to be snobbish. I know I’m approachable and easy to talk to, but I’ll try to be more open this time.

I’m ready to be more connected to God, my family and my best of friends. I know I’ve been busy for the past years due to work and other commitment that made me taken for granted these people who are dear to me. I’ve been bad with schedules and I’ve been away for travel and adventure. I will still be on the road, in the country or other places, but I promise that this 2017, I will appreciate more the people I love and who loves me. I will show my effort, love and care for them to feel how much I value them. I will make time and stay connected to them more often than the previous years. Most importantly, I want to make up for the time I failed to say thank you and ask for forgiveness to God who made me who I am right now. I want to thank Him for all the blessings and wonderful gift of life He gave me. I want to thank Him for giving my life, my love ones, and all the opportunities presented to me. I want to be closer to Him and have a life that puts Him in the center of all the things I’m doing. I will never be lost, and He will never abandon me.

I’m ready to let go and move forward. I’m ready to move on to the next chapter of my life by turning on the next pages. It doesn’t mean I have to forget all the memories in the past, it only means that I have to look forward to what lies ahead. It means that I have to let go of my fear, self-doubt, and worries. That I have to forgive the people and situation that hurt me and cause me too much pain, and I’ll put an end to self-pity and limiting beliefs.  I’m ready to start a brand new life by giving closure to the things that need it. I’m ready to accept new challenges and new adventures. I know with all the things life is showing me, good and bad, I will win and gain more strength and wisdom to face it day by day. And if I fail, I will still learn to be humble and accept defeat yet I will rise and will never ever give up. Dreams do come true, and life goes on, that’s why I believe and I declare to the world that all my plans for 2017 will come true with patience, hard work, belief and God’s guidance. Everything is possible.

“Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.”–Golda Meir

Let’s stay connected and keep on dreaming. I appreciate your efforts and for taking the time to read and visit my site.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Ms.Happy Rabbit

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