“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.” –Lin Yutang

Lin Yutang has been true to his words. Have you ever felt that way after your travel and getaway?

Writing this article made me think of the things that I did that made my whole trip in Coron enjoyable. These are things that I wish to do over and over again. These are the things that I prefer doing. These are the things that I would like to share to anyone who would like to visit Coron for the first time.

Coron is a top tourist destination not only in the Philippines but all over the world. It’s well-known for its gorgeous lagoons, stunning beaches and islands, striking coral reefs, and generous and friendly people.

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I’m sharing these 10 things not only to give a guide but also to let everyone know that these are the things that captured my heart and made my first-time solo travel unquestionably wonderful.


Kayangan Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes that I’ve seen in the Philippines. This is the one that distinguished Coron from El Nido and it’s definitely my favorite spot in Coron. It is less than 20 minutes climb and it will surprise you once you reach the wooden stairs going to the blue-green crystal clear water.

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It has a nice white powdery sand, great snorkeling site, nice view deck, and tranquil and quiet impression. It made me speechless, calm and at peace. I just sat quietly in the sand while drinking fresh coconut juice and enjoying the beauty of the place. Entrance fee ranges from P150.00-200.00 and is included in tour packages. (Island Escapade Tour)

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Maquinit Hot spring is the last place I visited and stayed there till 8:15 in the evening. The hot spring is a great relief for your worn out body after island hopping and town tour. Its water is warm, fresh and salty.

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Corto Del Mar Hotel is an elegant hotel located in the heart of Coron town. It’s actually 10 minutes walk from my hotel. It has 32 bedrooms and suites and wonderful Mediterranean and Filipino ambiance. One will be simply amazed by its architectural designs and decorations. I visited this place because of the famous pasta and pizza that the hotel staff where I stay suggested to me to visit. I will definitely recommend this place because their food and service is exceptional. Corto Del Mar Hotel is a nice and unique jump-of-point for romantic getaways, family vacation, and solo travelers.


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Bulogdos Island is the last stop in our island escapade tour. It is privately owned by the Two Seasons group and with very limited access to the guests. What I love about this island is the sandbar which is visible during low tide, and the view deck that lets you enjoy the view of the whole island.


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Twin Lagoons is part of the Tour A or the Coron Island Tour consisting of the 7 destinations which are the highlights of Coron. Twin Lagoons will be memorable to every visitors because entering to the hidden lagoon which is the second lagoon is not that easy. You will enter a small crevice underneath the rock, during low tide and a ladder over the rock during high tide.

The water is blurry because of the salt and fresh water inside the lagoon. The temperature also changes as the cold freshwater meets the hot salt water. I love this site because I can simply float with my life jacket in the water and enjoy the stillness of the place.



I climbed 700+ step stairs just to reach the summit of Mt Tapyas. It is tiring but it has the best view deck to see the panoramic view of Coron and the sunset. At the back of the cross, you can continue with the trekking to see the lush greenery and breathtaking mountains. It’s a great spot for photo-shoot with friends and family.



Banana Island is the 2nd stop of the Island Escapade Tour. This site has a lot of Pacific Giant Clams and beautiful white powdery sand. This is where we had our lunch. Visitors can do a lot of activities on this site which includes volleyball, snorkeling, swimming, photo-shoot and resting in the hammock under the tree.

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Siete Pecados known as “Seven Sins, is one of the unforgettable snorkeling sites in Coron. Our tour guide mentioned about the legend where seven sisters went swimming against their mothers will, then, all of them get drowned. Their mother wasn’t able to find them, then, afterward, the seven islands appeared. This snorkeling site is surrounded by a countless variety of fishes, corals and marine life which are beautiful.


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If you want to try the local’s food, you should try to visit this place. I was surprised that there’s a lot of tourist flocking to this place. It’s a typical carinderia with local meals at affordable prices. The only special about this restaurant are the fruits shakes that they served and their bestseller beef steak and seafood. It is located at Busuanga Road, Coron, Palawan and a five minutes walk from my hotel. (Micasa)

Apart from the 10 go-to places, Caluit Safari Tour,  World War II Sunken ship & Best Reefs souvenir shops, and cashews harvest are another go-to places to complete your Palawan experience. They are part of Tour E or the town tour. This is the last tour you can avail to roam around the town and the market where you can purchase “pasalubong” and fresh cashew nuts which are popular to this Town. You can buy ref magnets, tarts and other products made by the local community. By buying local products, you’re helping the people with their livelihood and tourism.

For travels tips and sample tour packages, check out the link below:
Tips and Tour Packages

I had a pleasant time in Coron. I met new friends and experienced a wonderful paradise for my first-time solo travel. I will never forget it! I hope I inspire you to pack up everything and see the beauty of the Philippines.

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