I’m not getting old…I’m getting better. These are the lines that I keep repeating to myself.

Today adds another year for me to celebrate life. Another year to celebrate with friends and dear loved ones. Another year where I can dream and pray for a better relationship, better health and better tomorrow.

I know people like to celebrate this special day with the people who matters to them and I am one of them. I’m grateful for the gifts, messages and birthday treats I get from my friends and family. I even celebrated 2 days in advance with my office mates. I’m grateful for all the blessings that I received. God is always there for me and He listens to everything my heart and soul are saying. With all the things I have right now, what are the other things I’m wishing and praying for? What are my realizations?

I know I’m not the only person who gets sentimental on this special day… I know a lot of people who experience the same way.

I only have few prayers:

1. I pray that my family and I will remain bonded, strong, and love one another.

2. I pray that we all remain healthy, especially my mother who already aged taking good care of us.

3. I pray that my family and loved ones will be happy all the time. Even to the toughest days of their lives.

4. That we remain humble, kindhearted and God-fearing individuals.

5. And that we are protected from any harm and bad things.

6. And lastly, I ask God to grant us peace and wisdom.

Today is the day that made realize that I have to work harder for my dreams else, it will remain a dream. These are the things I’m currently aiming for the next 365 days;

1. US and Europe trip – I’m currently working hard for it as I know it requires a lot of time, money and requirements, especially for Filipinos.

2. Backpacking in Asia – in the event that my goal #1 is not yet possible, I have to do the Asia travel.

3. Be my own boss – yes, you read it right! I always wanted to have my own business that I can manage. Where I have my own time, manage my own future and mind my own business.

4. Have a partner for life – this one will always be a grand dream cause I know it’s not easy to find the person you want to spend your whole life with. This requires patience,time, effort, prayers, and luck.

5. Good health, peace and happiness – no matter how successful a person is, if he isn’t healthy, happy and doesn’t have peace of mind. Everything doesn’t make sense. All his achievements and success will be a waste. Happiness is a gift, as well as good health and peace of mind.

19th of August marks not only my birth date but the 177 years of photography.

So, Happy #worldphotoday everybody and Happy Birthday to me! This is a special day to celebrate life and our love and passion for photography. It’s amazing how people are united to show the beautiful masterpiece of the world. Cheers to the next 100 years of #photography 🍹🍺🍸#August19 #worldphotoday #19th #birthday #photography #photo

See the 2 #photos of me taken in my two weeks travel in Palawan and Boracay.

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  1. Happy Birthday!
    Hope your dreams come true.
    If you ever make it out to California let me know. I know some great Filipino restaurants. 🙂

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