I know I haven’t met you yet but I know I have known you in my past life. I know our paths have crossed already…maybe I was just busy building my career and my life that I let you passed me by. 

Crazy! Insane! Yes possibly I am into it already, but I won’t give up on us easily. I know I will not just have a travel buddy who will hop with me from coast to coast. I know I will not have a friend but a best friend that I can share my laugh with. I know you’re not just a stranger, you’re my man and my soul mate. I know it’s not an accident that we met each other.. I know it’s our destiny to be together.. and it’s your destiny not to give up on the things that make us happy.

You support me through all my hopes and dreams. You stay with me to the sweetest and the most bitter times of my life. You show your true colors that made me fall in love with you. You’re gentle, compassionate, sweet, honest, charming, smart and the most kindhearted person that I’ve ever met. You always made me the best version of myself. You made me travel the world without a need to ride a plane, a boat, and a bus… who else in the world can make me smile so much? Who in the world can make me feel at home every second of the day?

I know I wanna travel with you…

I know I wanna be with the person who has the same dream of seeing the world.

I know nothing can compare to the friendship that we build for a long time…

I know I can’t forget your first “hello”

I know every place will go will be a paradise and sweet heaven.

You made me patient. You made me appreciate life..you made me see the value of this life.. the essence of love and every heart beats.

I know buddy, as long as I can.. I can wait for that perfect time and day of our meeting.

You’ll be in my heart no matter how difficult waiting is. I will never give up on us, so let us not let go of each other. Remember, we dream of this and we are meant to be together.

You’re more than a summer love to me.

Still remember our song as we sail on the sea. We swim and snorkel, we watch fire dancing and enjoy the kayak during the sunset. We walk on the long stretch of the beach while waiting for the sunrise and sunset. As the sun comes out, you blow me a kiss and whisper how happy you are with us.

So buddy, stay strong and be patient..will be together in the coming months and years. It’s not yet over buddy… just hold on to our dreams cause I will give up the world I’m in right now  just to be with you.


Your favorite bunny 🐇

9 thoughts on “ Dear Future Travel Buddy ”

    1. Haha.. It’s okay, I think everyone goes through this stage. We have to be ready before that person presents himself.. not just for him but for ourselves. Let’s enjoy the moment and be physically, emotionally and financially prepared. 😍

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