For the past few months, I felt that I’ve lost my spirit in writing. I felt like there’s a need to pause and think of the ways to boost my confidence in writing.I know there’s a need for me to reflect and think of what makes me run out of words and stories. It’s not me. I know there are certain reasons why people stop writing, and when you’re in that situation, you have to acknowledge it and accept that you need to breathe and take a break…so, I did.

Unplanned two weeks vacation is what I needed to awaken my spirit. Two weeks vacation with no companion, no plans, and no itineraries. There are  hesitations at first, but I did not let it stop me from taking a time off.

What’s good about the trip is that it tests my courage in traveling solo. I never did it before because there’s a lot of reasons that’s stopping me. I know it’s scary yet I know I need to do it for myself. My best of friends can’t believe of my decision and they think I’m crazy. I guess they’re scared for me.

Sometimes, the writer stops writing cause she has to make new stories get in. A break will let the writer breathe and get a new source of inspiration and creative ideas that will add magic to her masterpiece. Vacation is what they need to reconnect with nature and themselves and I totally agree with it.

It’s been while since my last post for my site…and now that I’m back, I would love to share my two weeks adventure and first solo travel. In the coming weeks, I will be sharing the paradise that I’ve been and let you know why I fell in love with those places. I think you will, too ☺

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