Boracay : My First Solo Travel (Part I)

The 21st of July marked my first solo travel. I was thrilled and excited for the trip yet also a bit anxious and nervous at the same time. I know that I’m used to traveling with companions, either with siblings or with friends. My friends thought I was crazy and some did not believe I did it alone, but hell yeah…I did

A brave rabbit finally tried to get out of her comfort zone and checked one of her goals from her bucket list. Amazing 🙂

I only visited two places during my two weeks time off.


Boracay’s famous grotto 🙂

I’ve been to Boracay several times but there are reasons for that. Whenever I’m in this place I feel relaxed and happy. I love the beach and it always fascinates and makes me a happy kid. What makes this trip different from my previous trip is that I did it alone and tried to make it more relax compared to my previous travel where I do a lot of activities. This time, I do it my way, no plans, no itineraries for the whole trip and no too extreme activities.


I met two ladies at the airport who are working from Hong Kong and taking some time off in the Philippines. Their hotel in Boracay is located in station 3 while mine is in station 1. We arrived in Caticlan in the evening and I was already tired because of our delayed flight and the two hours travel from Kalibo to Caticlan. There’s actually a direct flight from Manila to Caticlan, however, I booked Kalibo.. so, I have to ride a van going to Caticlan.

From Caticlan, I ride a tricycle going to my hotel and paid P25.00. I was happy that when I arrived at my hotel, my room was already ready. I sent an email ahead of time and informed them of the time of my arrival and my request. Blue Lily has very friendly and very helpful staff and I love how they treat me like a VIP.

This is my bed, the comfort room, and the small refrigerator… Too many soft drinks but I only get one and more bottles of water. 😇

Blue Lily room 🙂


The first night was spent for dinner and fire dance watching. Since I want to have enough sleep and good rest, I stayed up to 10:30 PM only.

2nd Day: I wake up early and did some walking and jogging in the long stretch of the beach from station 1 to station 3. After that, I swim and had my breakfast at the hotel. I like the feeling when you’re having a nice breakfast, enjoying the view in front of you and hearing the sound of the waves. Indeed, it’s a wonderful day!

Breakfast in Day 2  #coffee #bread #butter and #strawberry #jam ☕🍞

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I promised to meet up the two ladies after lunch and I headed to station 3 because they’re getting henna tattoos there. Mitch and MJ have it on their bucket lists, so they promise that they will have it in Boracay.

MJ and Mitch got their tattoos

After that, we had some picture-taking in the sand castles and went to station 2 to eat. In the evening, we had dinner, drank some cocktails and enjoyed some acoustic music. We stayed till 1:00 AM and then, I went back to my hotel.

sand castle during the day 🙂
sand castle at night 🙂

Sand castles in Boracay are made by the locals. Usually, minors and some teenagers ask for some tips after building it for tourists.

Staying under the sun for more than four hours made us sweaty and weary. We decided to cool down and went to their hotel. We spend time talking about our next travel destination. They plan to go to Baguio after Boracay while I will be in Coron for 5 days. They tell me their stories and I told them mine. We are all hardworking ladies and we have the same love and passion for travel and adventure. We had few drinks at their room before I showed them my hotel in station 1. My hotel has a terrace which is a perfect view deck to watch the beach and the stunning sunset.

Girls just wanna have fun 🙂 lol

Besides the sand castles, there’s a sand lantern at night. Isn’t that cool?

3rd Day: I wake up at 6am,had some walk and tried to do the standup paddle boating. It costs P500.00 for an hour. A little expensive but it’s nice to try. I went to souvenir shops after lunch and bought some shirts and “pasalubong” for my siblings. I met up with Mitch and MJ during dinner as I like to enjoy my “me time” during the day and afternoon.

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Tres Amigos Boracay restaurant is the place where we had dinner. They served Mexican food which I love. I ordered a beef burrito and a classic margarita. Mitch and MJ tried other dishes like chicken fajitas, quesadilla, and frozen margaritas.

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We then headed to Club Paraw to have some drinks. It was a nice time to have some party and enjoy the dance floor. We get their house special drinks. Actually, we get a tower drink..haha, and it gave me a headache in the morning. I’m glad the two are heavy drinkers, cause I know I can’t finish more than 5 glasses of that alcoholic drink.

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4th Day: I wake up a little late. I had a walk going to station 3. I stayed there to chill and to swim. I also like station 3 cause it’s less crowded compared to station 1 and 2. I stayed on station 1 because I want a beach front hotel and see the purest powdery white sand and the grotto of Boracay. Also, it’s very accessible and convenient.

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Who wants to chill here?

After wandering around the beach, I arrange my luggage for my flight going back to Manila.

By the way, if it’s your first time in Boracay, I advise you to do some of the activities there. You’ll love it and appreciate more the beauty of this place. Just a recap of the things I’ve done on my previous visits in Boracay, you can try the following:

  • ATV
  • Parasailing
  • Helmet Diving
  • Island Hopping
  • Snorkeling/Diving
  • Clubbing
  • Food Tripping
  • Paddle Boating/Kayaking

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And, please don’t forget to see the sunset in Boracay. It is worth waiting and I’m sure you’ll be surprised to see it 🙂

Sunset in Boracay 🙂

I hope you enjoy reading the first part of my travel. Next Part of my travel will be posted in the coming days. If you haven’t been to Coron Palawan, you have to check the part two of my trip. Coron is a breathtaking place and I will tell you more about it…very soon.

Thanks for reading!


“Sometimes the best vacation is staycation”


It’s true that when we grow older and get a stable job, we have less time meeting our best of friends. They also have their jobs and priorities; what’s used to be a daily meet up becomes weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. Every person has their pals, best friends and college buddies who are like their own siblings.


My college buddies (BEN, TIN, JEN) and I planned a staycation at least 3 months ahead due to our different schedules and priorities. I work on a night shift and they work on a day shift. We decided to do it on a Sunday since I need to have some sleep, and they’re very understanding. That’s what my college buddies/ Bff do for a friend.

So, we meet at 9:30 in the morning, my friend and I grab a taxi from Makati going to BGC where F1 Hotel is located. What’s great about F1 Hotel is that people can get a voucher for day swimming and another separate voucher for food. It’s a great experience to stay overnight yet the price will be more expensive compared to a day stay.

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There are couches, beds, and chairs everywhere that make us feel at home. Very clean, cozy and I love the simple yet elegant style everywhere. The receptionist and crew are also friendly which added the charm to this hotel.

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F1 Hotel is located at 32nd Street & Bonifacio Boulevard, Fort Bonifacio, Global City,Taguig City Luzon 1634, Philippines. It is very convenient as the hotel is very near the restaurants and shopping centers in BGC. The hotel is very stylish and the food was excellent.

Hotel Features: 

Image source:
  • Free Wifi
  • Swimming Pool (outdoor pool)
  • Car park/ Airport Transfer/ Car hire
  • Restaurant
  • Fitness Centre/ Spa
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Free Breakfast
  • Room Service/ Laundry Service
  • Bar/Lounge
  • Safety Deposit Box
  • Business Centre
  • Suites

Nearest Transport: MRT 3 Guadalupe Station (1.5KM/ 18 min. walk)

Check-In 2:00PM – Check-Out 12:00PM

Note: You can book via Agoda, Tripadvisor, and TravelBook.Ph. The price ranges from Php 5,000.00- Php7,000.00 (taxes and other fees are sometimes not included) but better check the offers from different providers.

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We haven’t seen each other for a long time, we end up sharing stories and the usual chit-chat we always do. Ben, our fashion blogger BFF took some Instagram-worthy photos. We had some ice tea, burger and fries snacks since we are not yet hungry.

burger and fries for our #snacks
The photo was taken by Ben, our fashion blogger Bff. Follow his blog site at  Bless the models

In the afternoon, we started swimming and enjoying every corner of the hotel. The shower is great, too and the place is relaxing. It’s nice to have a staycation with friends. You can take a lot of photos, share every cute and funny memory, laugh all day and talk anything under the sun.

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Insert Nic in this photo 🙂
Unlimited chit-chat 🙂



We had sumptuous dinner after swimming..,and I swear, will definitely recommend it to you guys. The food was great and we’re happy with the food they served. Staffs are nice and we ask them to take us photos.

Early dinner before we left the hotel 🙂

If you have questions, please let me know.

I’d love to hear your staycation experience and suggestions of other hotels we can visit.

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Banana island 🍌

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This kind of paradise makes me want to stay longer 😍😍😍

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Sunset is ❤❤❤

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It’s my birthday!

I’m not getting old…I’m getting better. These are the lines that I keep repeating to myself.

Today adds another year for me to celebrate life. Another year to celebrate with friends and dear loved ones. Another year where I can dream and pray for a better relationship, better health and better tomorrow.

I know people like to celebrate this special day with the people who matters to them and I am one of them. I’m grateful for the gifts, messages and birthday treats I get from my friends and family. I even celebrated 2 days in advance with my office mates. I’m grateful for all the blessings that I received. God is always there for me and He listens to everything my heart and soul are saying. With all the things I have right now, what are the other things I’m wishing and praying for? What are my realizations?

I know I’m not the only person who gets sentimental on this special day… I know a lot of people who experience the same way.

I only have few prayers:

1. I pray that my family and I will remain bonded, strong, and love one another.

2. I pray that we all remain healthy, especially my mother who already aged taking good care of us.

3. I pray that my family and loved ones will be happy all the time. Even to the toughest days of their lives.

4. That we remain humble, kindhearted and God-fearing individuals.

5. And that we are protected from any harm and bad things.

6. And lastly, I ask God to grant us peace and wisdom.

Today is the day that made realize that I have to work harder for my dreams else, it will remain a dream. These are the things I’m currently aiming for the next 365 days;

1. US and Europe trip – I’m currently working hard for it as I know it requires a lot of time, money and requirements, especially for Filipinos.

2. Backpacking in Asia – in the event that my goal #1 is not yet possible, I have to do the Asia travel.

3. Be my own boss – yes, you read it right! I always wanted to have my own business that I can manage. Where I have my own time, manage my own future and mind my own business.

4. Have a partner for life – this one will always be a grand dream cause I know it’s not easy to find the person you want to spend your whole life with. This requires patience,time, effort, prayers, and luck.

5. Good health, peace and happiness – no matter how successful a person is, if he isn’t healthy, happy and doesn’t have peace of mind. Everything doesn’t make sense. All his achievements and success will be a waste. Happiness is a gift, as well as good health and peace of mind.

19th of August marks not only my birth date but the 177 years of photography.

So, Happy #worldphotoday everybody and Happy Birthday to me! This is a special day to celebrate life and our love and passion for photography. It’s amazing how people are united to show the beautiful masterpiece of the world. Cheers to the next 100 years of #photography 🍹🍺🍸#August19 #worldphotoday #19th #birthday #photography #photo

See the 2 #photos of me taken in my two weeks travel in Palawan and Boracay.

Dear Future Travel Buddy

I know I haven’t met you yet but I know I have known you in my past life. I know our paths have crossed already…maybe I was just busy building my career and my life that I let you passed me by. 

Crazy! Insane! Yes possibly I am into it already, but I won’t give up on us easily. I know I will not just have a travel buddy who will hop with me from coast to coast. I know I will not have a friend but a best friend that I can share my laugh with. I know you’re not just a stranger, you’re my man and my soul mate. I know it’s not an accident that we met each other.. I know it’s our destiny to be together.. and it’s your destiny not to give up on the things that make us happy.

You support me through all my hopes and dreams. You stay with me to the sweetest and the most bitter times of my life. You show your true colors that made me fall in love with you. You’re gentle, compassionate, sweet, honest, charming, smart and the most kindhearted person that I’ve ever met. You always made me the best version of myself. You made me travel the world without a need to ride a plane, a boat, and a bus… who else in the world can make me smile so much? Who in the world can make me feel at home every second of the day?

I know I wanna travel with you…

I know I wanna be with the person who has the same dream of seeing the world.

I know nothing can compare to the friendship that we build for a long time…

I know I can’t forget your first “hello”

I know every place will go will be a paradise and sweet heaven.

You made me patient. You made me appreciate made me see the value of this life.. the essence of love and every heart beats.

I know buddy, as long as I can.. I can wait for that perfect time and day of our meeting.

You’ll be in my heart no matter how difficult waiting is. I will never give up on us, so let us not let go of each other. Remember, we dream of this and we are meant to be together.

You’re more than a summer love to me.

Still remember our song as we sail on the sea. We swim and snorkel, we watch fire dancing and enjoy the kayak during the sunset. We walk on the long stretch of the beach while waiting for the sunrise and sunset. As the sun comes out, you blow me a kiss and whisper how happy you are with us.

So buddy, stay strong and be patient..will be together in the coming months and years. It’s not yet over buddy… just hold on to our dreams cause I will give up the world I’m in right now  just to be with you.


Your favorite bunny 🐇

Solo Travel Tips for Women

If you’re a woman and you plan to go solo for travel, what are the things you have to consider?

Recently, I took a  two weeks time off. Two weeks of vacation with no plans, no itineraries and no friends and siblings with me. Two weeks of my first-time solo travel that made so much impact to me. Before I share my whole travel in the comings weeks, I’d like to share some tips for the first time solo traveler. These are the things that I’ve learned during my two weeks time off.

1. Prepared for the unexpected – this is the first thing I had to face on the first day of my travel. You always have to allow ample time going to the airport to catch your flight. I say this not only because it’s important but it’s a must. My flight going to Boracay was supposed to be at 2:55PM at terminal 4 of NAIA, however, it was canceled an hour earlier. I was worried because I’ve heard a lot of canceled flights that day. I asked the person at the counter and gladly, our flight was moved at 4 o’clock and will be transferred via airport bus to terminal 3. If I didn’t come early, I might miss the announcement and not catch my flight.

2. Bring some medicines with you – in my case I have to bring paracetamol for a headache and antihistamine for my allergic rhinitis. It’s better you have it in your bag so that when you get a migraine and allergies, you are prepared. Not all the time you can find a drug store nearby.

3. Drink moderately – yes, you read it. Drink moderately, drink enough just to have fun but please don’t drink too much that you crawl to the ground and can’t carry yourself back to the hotel. Remember, you’re alone… You don’t have your friends and siblings with you. You can’t get wasted unless you want a stranger to take advantage of you. I met friends in my travel, however, I make sure that though I party and have fun at night, I can still handle myself and go back to my hotel safely. Know your alcohol limits and take care of yourself.

4. Smile and be friendly – I’m friendly yet I look snobbish. The initial reaction of people when they first met me, are always the same…that I’m snobbish and not approachable. However, when they get comfortable with me, they soon realize that I’m friendly, very patient and easy to be with. Still, it’s a good thing cause I met friends from two weeks travel and I enjoyed my vacation with new people. Turn strangers into friends. You’ll learn from the local and foreign people. It’s amazing how these people differ from you. They have a different culture, opinions, and views in life. I met a group of Filipino-Chinese people, heard their stories and I’ve been with them for my whole trip in Coron. I met hardworking women from Hongkong and realized how determined Filipina women in pursuing their dreams. No matter how hard it is, they will push themselves and never give up.

5. Pack light – women have the tendency to over pack their luggage especially that we wear different kinds of clothes. My advice is to plan ahead your daily outfit and make a list. In this way, you can eliminate the unnecessary clothes from your luggage. I bring a nice coat/cardigan and pants that I can easily match with the rest of my outfits. A nice dress for dinner/party and swimwear shouldn’t be forgotten.

6. Bring extra cash – though you may have a complete budget plan and a list of all your expenses, it’s still necessary to bring extra cash in case of unexpected expenses and emergency. Examples of these expenses are rebooking for your flight  and if you need to check in your luggage when it exceeded the hand carry luggage limit.

7. Be wise and smart traveler – being local and foreign tourists have no difference, both can be taken advantage by the people who offer services and sell products. One good advice before you buy a product and get tour services is to ask and compare the prices from the different vendors and operators. Don’t book a tour or activity without asking for reviews and asking the prices from other tour operators.

8. Bring gadgets and extra batteries – we all want to capture those precious moments of our travel and in order to do that, we must bring the proper gadgets and batteries for our phone and cameras. Take as many photos as you like as you can share these with your family and friends.

9. Bring a book/listen to the audiobook – before I get up every morning during my two weeks travel, I ensure that I read/listen to book/audio book. Positive books will boost your optimism and set a good tone for your day. This will not only boost self-esteem but makes one inspired to be productive and have a meaningful day.

10. Enjoy the moment – during my travel, I know I enjoyed so much because I let myself be like a child. I let go of my worries, anxiety and my fears. I let go of myself and let the moment get into my system. I walk barefoot on the long stretch of the beach, pick a stone and throw it on the water, pick a shell, swim, and snorkel, climb a mountain, dance at the bar, eat what I’m craving  and feel the warmth of the sun on my tanned skin.

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Let me know if you have additional tips we can add from the list. I would be happy to hear from you guys 🙂

Take a break, breathe and write

For the past few months, I felt that I’ve lost my spirit in writing. I felt like there’s a need to pause and think of the ways to boost my confidence in writing.I know there’s a need for me to reflect and think of what makes me run out of words and stories. It’s not me. I know there are certain reasons why people stop writing, and when you’re in that situation, you have to acknowledge it and accept that you need to breathe and take a break…so, I did.

Unplanned two weeks vacation is what I needed to awaken my spirit. Two weeks vacation with no companion, no plans, and no itineraries. There are  hesitations at first, but I did not let it stop me from taking a time off.

What’s good about the trip is that it tests my courage in traveling solo. I never did it before because there’s a lot of reasons that’s stopping me. I know it’s scary yet I know I need to do it for myself. My best of friends can’t believe of my decision and they think I’m crazy. I guess they’re scared for me.

Sometimes, the writer stops writing cause she has to make new stories get in. A break will let the writer breathe and get a new source of inspiration and creative ideas that will add magic to her masterpiece. Vacation is what they need to reconnect with nature and themselves and I totally agree with it.

It’s been while since I last post for my site…and now that I’m back, I would love to share my two weeks adventure and first solo travel. In the coming weeks, I will be sharing the paradise that I’ve been and let you know why I fell in love with those places. I think you will, too ☺