Being undecided to a lot of things in life is such a big hassle. It’s hard cause you know there’s so much in your head that wanted to scream.. what it’s telling is the opposite of the plan you set for yourself… it’s telling a different story… different from what your heart tells you.. different from the normal routine that you do and different from what the society dictates you.

Why do we feel uncertain?
Why do we feel so confused about life?
Why do we question our existence?

It’s normal that once in a while people get disconnected from themselves. People get confused about their purpose and if what they’re doing is leading into something meaningful and significant. People are human beings with weaknesses and vulnerability.
People get tired from working too hard just to get what they want to achieve. People cry when they’re hurt and injured. People are sympathetic. People have different stories and different struggles.

Sometimes, the uncertainties drown them from worries, fears, and confusion. Sometimes it is the reason why they are disappointed and hopeless. Sometimes uncertainties make them try harder to the things that they’re not passionate about. Sometimes they just do it because they have too..because they can’t say no.. because they have no options and because they think its the only thing they can do.

I hope uncertainties don’t break one’s heart. I hope it won’t tear one’s soul. I hope it won’t take our dreams away. I hope it won’t get one’s happiness…

What I wish is for uncertainties to uplift our spirit and to strengthen one’s soul. I wish that it will help us realize that it’s just part of our lives… that it’s there to remind us to think about our significance in this world. I wish that it will give us ideas on how to live our lives with purpose and in simplicity. I wish that uncertainties will bind us together and act as an instrument so that we can understand each other and be connected. Lastly, I wish uncertainties will lead us to real happiness and tranquility.