Real Neat Blog Award: Nominated by Dear Kitty. Some blog

I was grateful to be nominated by Dear Kitty for the “Real Neat Blog Award”. I was actually surprised to get this award as I’m just new to blogging (3 months). I’m happy to meet great people here and glad that people appreciate what I write.  So thanks to Dear Kitty 🙂 The ‘rules’ of the Real Neat Blog Award […]

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Love yourself when no one loves you Love yourself when you’re sad and blue Love yourself in times of trouble. Love yourself in times of sorrow. Love yourself when you can’t stop crying Love yourself when your soul is dying Love yourself even if he is lying Love yourself there’s no harm in trying. Love […]



Being undecided to a lot of things in life is such a big hassle. It’s hard cause you know there’s so much in your head that wanted to scream.. what it’s telling is the opposite of the plan you set for yourself… it’s telling a different story… different from what your heart tells you.. different […]

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