Travel Guide: Pinto Art Museum

I went to Pinto Art Museum with my friend Gege. I always wanted to see this place as I’ve heard that this is a must visit place…so I did. We decided to meet at 10:00 in the morning at Farmers Cubao Quezon City since the FX Terminal going to Antipolo is there. We ride a fx taxi going to Antipolo and paid P50.00. It took as an hour travel to Antipolo terminal. Travel period varies if you ride an fx van or jeep.

From Antipolo fx terminal, we ride a tricycle and paid P60.00 to the driver. Travel period from the terminal to the museum is 5-10 minutes only. When we reach the museum, we paid the entrance ticket fee for P180.00 each. No food and pets are allowed inside the museum.

Seeing the art pieces on galleries in this museum made me realized how amazing these arts can express every emotion of a person. Some arts can make you smile, some can make you frown and sad, some can even frighten you and some can make you think what it really tries to express. I had an experienced of being too connected to an old painting that made me really sad… seeing how poverty in the Philippines affected small children and their dreams. This one painting shows a child crying and looking at his home destroyed by the typhoon…he is crying and wondering where he will find his home. I’m not an artist but I love arts even when I was just a young little girl. I used to draw nature and portraits of my favorite anime characters and displayed it in our room at home.

Pinto art museum has 6 galleries that you’ll definitely enjoy. They have indigenous art museum which will remind you of the indigenous art displays in Bencab museum in Baguio. You can also find a restaurant/cafe, pool, chairs and beds in every area of this place. You can sit and lie on the bed whenever you feel tired as Pinto is a big place to visit.

See the glimpse of Pinto Art Museum:








After our visit to Pinto Art Museum, we decided to go to Cloud 9 where you can see the city lights and enjoy the panoramic view. We ride a tricycle going there and paid P200.00, but if you’re coming from the terminal of Antipolo, you only need to pay P120.00. We had our late lunch there and get fruit shake and halo-halo. We left Antipolo around 7:00 in the evening.

Antipolo Cloud 9

● bring extra clothes to wear (roaming around the museum after lunch is a bit warm)
● don’t bring food and pet as it is not allowed in the museum
● bring camera/phone (note that flash is not allowed when taking photos)
● bring water but you can also ask cold water from the restaurant inside Pinto
● visit cloud 9 of Antipolo after Pinto Art Museum to enjoy the city lights and panoramic view.

FX taxi = P100.00 (roundtrip)
Tricycle = P60.00 (Terminal-Pinto)
Entrance fee = P180.00
Tricycle = P200.00 (coming from Pinto)
               = P120.00 (coming from terminal)

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Ride a fx/jeep from Cubao Farmers Quezon City (near McDonald) going to Antipolo. From the terminal in Antipolo, ride a tricycle and instruct the driver to take you to Pinto Art Museum.

If you plan to go to Cloud 9, just ride a tricycle and tell the driver to take you to there.




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