Being single is not a shortfall. It’s not a bad thing if you want to stay single and not your fault if you’re still single. Sometimes we have our own reasons why we chose to be single than to be in a relationship. Some people think that being single makes one person incomplete, but actually, it’s not. I have a lot of friends who remain single but are happy, contented and living every day of their lives to the fullest. But sad to say that some are feeling bad being single… sometimes people are scared to be alone… sometimes they are pressured by the society they belong… sometimes they think that being single is a bad thing and because of that, they’re trying hard to find love. We all want to find “the one” and I believe that every person in this world has a destined partner in life, and that “one person” will always come unexpectedly and you have to be ready when that moment finally arrived.

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Being single for a year now made me happy and I never see it as a sin or a deficiency of my being. Actually, there’s a lot of reasons why you should love and embrace being single.

The following are the benefits of being single:

You can do everything that you want – whether you spend your day at home sleeping, reading, surfing the net, going to the gym or enjoying a cup of coffee in a coffee shop alone…that’s okay. You are free to do anything that you desire.

You have time to pursue your dreams (career) – being single will give you enough time to build your career.. invest in yourself and be an empowered woman. No one will stop you from reaching your dreams, so take the chance when you got more time to fulfill your goals and make use of your time wisely.

You can travel the world – one of my dreams is to travel local and international, and right now, I’m enjoying all the travels that I’ve missed..the trips that I’ve been wanting for the longest time and I can go anywhere and anytime that I want.

You can go out with your friends – most of my friends who are in a relationship or married are not able to hang out anymore. Being in a relationship changes your priorities and it’s part of the commitment you give to your partner. So spend more time with your family and friends as long as you can because of the moment you get married or enter into a real serious commitment, it will no longer be on your top priorities.

You can meet new people without feeling guilty – you can talk to a stranger and meet a lot of people along the way. You won’t have to worry or feel guilty that your partner will be mad at you when a new stranger approaches and makes conversation with you. You can flirt if you like.. but you can also take your time to find a great man that you deserve 🙂

You have more “ME time” or alone time – this is one of the perks that I love have alone time to think and write and just be me. Everyone needs “me time” in order to breathe in the difficulties of life. Everyone needs “me time” to find love and to understand oneself. Everyone needs “me time” to renew and to make oneself better.

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