Why do I blog?

Recently I started blogging… and this is a new thing to me and a new world that I want to discover. I started blogging last February and I’m so happy that finally, I’ve done it.

Why do I blog and what makes me love it?

I blog because I want it. I usually read blogs about fashion, health, food, lifestyle and travel during my free time. I can easily find the hot topics on Facebook and other social media sites, and through these blogs, I get tips and suggestions for making my travel cheap and affordable. I get tips on how to wear different clothes in a fashionable way and get to see all the food hub that I can visit.

I blog because it makes me happy and motivated. I feel happy whenever I publish something on my site…whether it’s a poem, thought, experience or travel. It makes me happy in a sense that I’m doing something with my life… that I move and exist in this world…that I’m not just a person who works 8 hours a day and gets monthly paychecks. It keeps me motivated to live each day with hope, joy, and gratitude. It motivates me to keep my passion for writing, for taking photos and for traveling while I’m still young and able.

I blog because I want to share. I want to share my thoughts about everything. I want to share my travel experiences and those beautiful places that anyone can visit without spending too much. I’m a thrifty person but I make sure that with cheap travels I won’t miss those essential experiences and activities. I believed that travel isn’t about money and luxury, it’s about the experience… and no amount of money can buy every experience and learning you get from traveling. I want to share through photography all the local and international breathtaking places that anyone can visit. I want people to see and appreciate the beauty of the Philippines (my country) and why it’s still a good place to live in despite its imperfections.

To sum it up, I blog because I want to share, to be a good example and to encourage everyone to live a fruitful life filled with love, happiness, gratitude, and adventure.

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