Subic Beach is one of the places that I always love to go back. I was 10 years old when I first visited this place and though very young, I have never forgotten it. Subic beach is found at Calintaan Island of Matnog Sorsogon. Matnog is a third class municipality of Sorsogon, which is part of Bicol Region. It is actually my second home as this is the place of my father and grandparents.

Last March 27, I went to Subic beach with my best friend and her workmates. I was really excited for this trip as I wanted to see the changes of this place after 18 years. We left Sorsogon around 9:00AM and arrived at Matnog’s port past 10:00 in the morning. We had several stops over as we bought some snacks and other stuff. We proceed to the tourism office and paid 70.00 pesos each ( Php 50.00 entrance fee + Php 20.00 environmental fee). We were given a guide and he lead us where the boat is located. Note that we charter a small boat for island hopping and transfer going to the Subic beach. Tour rate varies if it’s a day tour or overnight stays. In our case, we paid Php 2000.00 because we stayed overnight on the island.


1st stop: Tikling Island

Tikling Island

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We stayed for few minutes here to take some photos and roam around this spot. You can see a store here where you can buy cold juices and snacks. Some people are camping, having picnics on the shaded area and some are swimming.

2nd stop: Juag Fish Sanctuary

Juag fish sanctuary is one of the highlights of this tour. You will be astonished by the aggressive milk fish and big size lapu-lapu (grouper). Our very kind kuya the boatman is feeding the fishes while I’m busy taking photos and videos 🙂 I paid Php 100.00 for the fish food. 

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3rd stop: At the Cave


I’m not sure of the exact name of this cave but they said it’s called the “Calintaan Cave“. Correct me if I’m wrong guys 🙂

After the tour, we proceed to Subic beach. We stayed at Holy Trinity beach resort and I would definitely recommend this place. They have air conditioned rooms, cottages,pool, stores and complete utensils for visitors who want to cook and grill. You can also pay the staff for Php 150.oo to cook for your rice and preferred dish (you can buy rice, fresh meat and fish in the market of Matnog’s port).

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Swimming, diving, snorkeling.  You can also rent a banana boat, kayak and jet ski.
Feed fishes on Juag Fish Sanctuary.

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Holy Trinity Beach Resort
Contact: Ruel 0915-5275-230

Single Bed (2 persons) P3500.00
Double Bed (4 persons) P5500.00
Native/Kubo Style (Room 1-2 for 4 persons) P3300.00
Native/Kubo Style (Room 3-4 for 2 persons) P2300.00
Family Room( 10 persons) P7300.00
Extra Bed P300.00
Jet Ski P4000.00 (1 hour)
Kayak P200.00 (1 hour)
Banana Boat P2000.00 (15 minutes)
Banana Boat P250.00 per head/8 persons

*Food not included


By Air:  You can get a flight from Manila to Legazpi via PAL(Philippine Airlines), Cebu Pacific and Air Asia. At Legazpi airport, you can ride a tricycle going to the terminal for van or bus going to Sorsogon. When you reach Sorsogon city, take a tricycle going to the terminal of Matnog (take a bus, van, jeep).

By Land:If you prefer to travel by land, you can take a bus bound for Sorsogon at Pasay or Cubao Terminal. Buses are (DLTB, Alps, Amihan, Elavil.. etc..). Note that the travel time is 12 hours going to Sorsogon.

If you’re in Sorsogon, you can go directly to the terminal. Just instruct the tricycle driver to take you to Matnog’s terminal. You can ride a van,  jeep or a bus. Travel time from Sorsogon to Matnog is 3-4 hours.


28 thoughts on “ Travel Guide: Subic Beach Matnog Sorsogon ”

  1. Hello,

    How much ang rent dun s kubo, unb nasa picture na pinost mo? may nkaita ka ba na nag tent nung gabi?


  2. Hello there, ilan po ang kasya sa isang bangka? Pupunta kasi kami and we are 14 in the group. =)

    1. Hi Elizabeth!thanks for checking..regarding dun sa question mo,pwede kayo magtent and it’s free naman. However, you have to ask permission kasi dito sa holytrinity they only allow if guest nila or nagbook kayo sa kanila. Subic has a long stretch of beach naman so madameng area where you can pitch your tent. May ibang resorts din and pwede din kayo magrent ng cottage 🙂

  3. Hi,
    1. Can you recommend resort/s with aircon room in Subic Beach aside from Holy Trinity Beach Resort?

    2. Is the electricity in Subic Beach available for 24hours a day or is there any scheduled electricity interruption?

    3. Is there a community in Calintaan Island, particularly in Subic Beach? and is Subic Beach a safe and peaceful place?

    Thank you. 🙂

    1. Hi Ron! To answer your questions
      #1 I’m not sure if there are other resorts with aircon that I can recommend as I haven’t tried checking the other resorts nearby.
      #2 yes! electricity is 24 hours 🙂
      #3 yes, it is a safe and a peaceful place. Been there twice and I can say that this is now a popular destination. You should visit so you can see how hospitable and friendly the locals are 🙂

    1. Hi Princess! I’m not sure about their rates this summer. Since peak season, baka tinaasan nila, but you can contact them and inquire for their rates. For boat, pwede naman kayo magjoin from other tourists once andun na kayo sa port. Mahal kasi if magrent kayo ng private boat specially if konte lang kayo.

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