I hate the days when I’m not working. My mind is sometimes filled with thoughts about a lot of things. I think about you all the time. I think about the first time that I saw you, the time when I’m still not into you, the time when all I think about is myself. I don’t know why I sometimes dream of having moments with you. I want to talk to you about a lot of things and maybe things that would define you. I want you to tell me things about the things that you love, like music, your favorite book, your favorite food, your favorite place, and your favorite person in the world. I want you to share how you deal with your family and how you treat your friends. I want you to tell me when did you learn to play the guitar, when did you learn to dive and climb the rocky mountains. It seems like these are just dreams, but these dreams felt real for a while.

One day, I wake up feeling sad and lonely… I take a sip of my coffee and listen to my favorite songs. I try to do some write-up yet I end up writing poems about you. Why is it all about you this time? Why not still about me? or about work and my goals in life? I keep asking myself a lot of questions and the only answer is you.

I’m missing you so badly….

I’m missing the days when there still us… I’m missing the days when we wake up early to snuggle and cuddle for a while. Those days that are filled with mushy things and sweet warm embrace. The days when we eat our breakfast and dinner together, the days when we just enjoy the moments having each other, the days when all we can think about is to swim and to climb, the days when we waited for the sun to set while we’re talking ’bout our lives.
Those moments are the best moments of my life that I will be forever grateful and no matter what happens, I will be the same person you knew for the first time.

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