You came towards me and you said “Hi”
You hugged me tight and I was caught by surprise
At first, I felt awkward and intimidated by you
Your words, gestures, made me clueless and blue.
But you made me feel home with your angelic smile
Never would I realized, I’ll get lost in your eyes
You shared your life while we walked hand in hand
You told me stories of your great friends and your land
You asked me all the movies I’ve watched
You made me realized that somehow we’re matched
You love to play the guitar and those songs
Lend your headphone for me, just to hear those songs
I lay on your shoulder every day and night
We kissed, we cuddled and it felt so right
You hold my hand as we swim to the sea
You dive, play Nemo just for me to see
And showed me your passion and how amazing you could be.

-happy rabbit-


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