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While I was running on a Sunday afternoon, I saw the beautiful sun rays reflected on the trees. I stopped from running and just watch these amazing  view in front of me. I’m not sure if people noticed it because it seems like everyone is busy doing their thing. People come to this place to run, to ride a bicycle, to attend a mass, to attend their classes and to enjoy their day with friends and family. I was here because I’m so determined to run but because of astonishment, I end up taking photos.. haha.. I can’t help myself .

When I saw it, I felt so calm and felt so surprised. It’s not every day that I catch a glimpse of a beautiful afternoon and amazing sunset. The sky is blue and then, later, it turns to bloody red… It was so cool! I love the morning run but I fell in love in the afternoon.

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These photos are taken at UP Oval and I hope you like it 🙂


Sunset is L.O.V.E…

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