If you’re looking for a place to cool-off, a place that’s near Manila  and a place to ponder, then, go to Baguio. It is considered as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines” and the “City of Pines” located in the Province of Benguet.

I’ve been to Baguio for a couple of times and I  always come back to this place for its cool climate, good food, clean environment, amazing view and lovely colorful flowers. Usually, you will notice a lot of tourists in Baguio (both local and foreign travelers) and some of them are actually studying and living in this city as I already met some of them.

I suggest that you should go to this place during the first and second quarter of the year to fully enjoy its tropical weather. You’ll feel blissfully happy and you will have fun strolling around the city. Avoid coming in the third and the fourth quarter, as these are the months of heavy rains or should I say the wet season.


(Popular Tourist Attractions)

  • Burnham Park
  • Lion’s Head
  • Mines View Park
  • Philippine Military Academy
  • The Mansion
  • Good Shepherd Convent
  • Wright Park
  • Baguio Cathedral
  • Bell Church
  • Botanical Garden
  • Baguio Craft Brewery
  • Tam-Awan Village
  • BenCab Museum
  • Camp John Hay
  • Session Road
  • Asin Hot Spring



You can commute from Manila to Baguio via Victory Liner buses (bus terminals located in  Cubao, Caloocan, Pasay) and Genesis buses (bus terminals located in Cubao and Avenida). Fare ranges from Php 450.00 -Php 750.00, it depends on the bus company and whether you like to take the regular air-con or first class trips. It takes 5 to 6 hours (night trips) and 6 to 7 hours (day trips) from Manila to Baguio.

Click the link below for the fare and schedule:
Victory Liner


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